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About The Person Behind The Pages

Welcome to Treasured Thoughts, my name is Patricia. I'm married and have one daughter and one granddaughter. I am the second of four children. I have an older brother, a younger sister and brother, the baby brother for whom this site is dedicated to.

I enjoy being comforted and love to relax. I enjoy a good challenge and to be mystified. I enjoy writing and reading, solving puzzles, astrology, mystery and criminal justice.

Some of my all time favorite movies are:
It's A Wonderful Life
The Homecoming
Bridges Of Madison County
Pay It Forward
Just to name a few.

My favorite colors are burgandy, purple, earth-tone colors, just depends on the mood I'm in on that particular day. My favorite car is the jaguar. My favorite actress/singer hands down is Cher and actor is Stallone. I have a long list, but these two have to be on the top.

Creating and maintaining this site has been my passion. Since it's early beginnings, the site has grown and given me so much more than I could have ever imagined. I've met and made some wonderful friends along the way. I've shared in others pain as I've tried to deal with my own loss. I had no idea that when I began my journey online that it would have given me so much comfort. Just knowing that you are not alone is a great comfort to the heart and soul.

Thank you for taking time to drop by and please let me know you were here by signing the guestbook. I truly hope you enjoy your visit and get to return again soon as I am always updating and changing things around.

This page was edited and updated on: January 24 2007

One Single Wish

Not one single day goes by
That he isn't in my thoughts
His love for life and happiness
My broken heart has caught

If I could have one single wish
I know what it would be
Just to have my baby brother
Come back home to me

You never know how precious
A loved one is until
Their life is taken suddenly
This indescribable pain you feel

You know they'll never come back to you
And you think of them each day
And you often sit and wonder
If the hurt will go away

I love my baby brother
More than anyone will know
And some day we'll be together again
When at last to Heaven I go

One Single Wish
Copyright 2001 Revised 2005



Updated 1/24/2007

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