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Poetry By Others Pearlie Duncan Walker

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Biography of Pearlie Duncan Walker

Pearlie Duncan Walker

Welcome to "WildFerns Poetry" Named for the wild fern from the hills of TN.

I am Pearlie Duncan Walker, born in Tippah Co. MS and my family moved to TN before I can remember, then on to TX at age seventeen. It was in Greenville TX that I met and married the love of my life and we have been married almost fifty four years.

We have three daughters and one son. Three grand daughters and three grand sons. One great grand daughter and one great grand son.

I have always loved the rhyme and I thank God that He gave to me a gift to use for His Glory.

I hope you all enjoy reading as much as I have in writing.

Thank you for visiting, Pearlie Duncan Walker


How Beautiful Our Country
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

Have you ever noticed
as you drive across this Country of ours,
How the whole countryside is covered
in the beauty of flowers?

We look up to the Heavens
and wonder how God could sow
So many beautiful plants
upon this earth and make them all grow.

We see the stunning sunsets
and fields blanketed, all in flowers,
And though we drive thousands of miles,
we see them by the hours.

We behold the sunrise
and thank God for another day of wonder,
Clouds all streaked with gold,
with maybe later, rain and thunder.

Look at a field of goldenrod
and along the roadside Queen Anne's lace
All the wonders so awesome
it makes us dream of going from place to place,

Like in the mountains with the snow caps,
standing way up so high,
Or looking through the trees in Autumn,
with golden leaves up to the sky.

Oh, and in the timber land,
orange and red peeks right through,
to leave a place
Inside the heart of loving wonder,
for a sweet forgiving Lord,
so full of Grace.

As the sun shines through the clouds
and we see peeks of red all aglow,
As out on the road of sunshine and timbers
we see golden fields and know.

That Gods in his Heaven,
all's right with the world,
and as we pass the waterfalls
And watch the fowls above searching for food,
we know nature calls,
To all the animal kingdom
and somewhere the coyote in hunger howls,
To find a soul mate to capture
the big golden moon-light to go and prowl.

But we should reflect more often
on our Country, with the vastness of it all,
Even to the sea shore wrapped in a mist,
waves and ships. Too many to recall,

And in Spring time cherry blossoms budding
at our Capital brings the tear,
For there could surely be no place
on earth to match the beauty of our Country here
He Lifted Me
From The Miry Clay
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

I waited patiently unto the Lord
and He heard my cry in the miry pit,
And set my feet upon the rock
and established my going, even yet.

He put Praise unto my God
and a new song, even into my heart,
That wheresoever in this old world I roam,
He will never, ever part.

Though we fall, we shalt not,
be utterly cast down, the Lord, our hand will hold
From everlasting to everlasting when we come,
joyfully to Him, as bold

Bold in His word, for better is
a little with a righteous man than riches of many,
And when we step into the life of Jesus Christ,
He will hold and mold us, aplenty.

We are to delight ourselves in our Lord
and He will give us our hearts desire.
Seek Him whilst He may be found,
as love for Jesus will fill our hearts with fire.

The fire of yearning of a dream,
to be more likened unto our Savior. He, who
Fills our life and thoughts with a burning desire
for His own work to, so do.

Though we fall, we shall not be utterly cast down,
for His hand is ready to deliver
Us from ails and troubles that seemed to be
as elusive as, is the quick silver,

As the light comes up from the sky
and it disappears, as though it were a dream,
But the light inside our heart, brought by Jesus,
will make the light inside beam.

Yes he inclined and heard my cry
and brought me out of the miry pit of clay
A horrible pit and set my feet upon a rock
and truly established all my way,

And in my heart a new song to sing along.
His Praises from there above,
I am established with my Savior;
He is my dear friend; He is my first love.

I Could Almost See
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

As I was looking up through the clouds,
over the mountains and into the sea,
I felt I could almost see the Lord,
as He smiled up there, looking back at me,

He created the beauty of all the world,
just as He did, both you and me,
And there in the Heavens, through the clouds,
it was like I was looking at eternity.

The mountain tops white as the purest snow,
climbing to where we would go,
Like wishing upon a star, but different too,
it was the brilliance there, I know.

It's Like a dream hath filled the heart and mind,
of all the miraculous sight,
That He put upon this old earth,
from the shining seaside, even unto the night.

It brings the silence into my heart
that my Savior, in all His Glory
could love me so, But I see the setting
of the sun upon the water,
red and yellow with a golden glow,

I know He waits for me amongst the mountains
and tall, tall sky up there,
And I know when this life is o'er,
I will bow to my regal Savior in Holy Prayer.

He made for us the rainbow,
amongst the cloud for a sign,
no more flood to be,
And in the Country the wheat fields
and corn as far as the eye can see,

Its so beautiful my Savior.
Thank you with all of my heart and soul today,
The deep blue water against the populous,
mountain trees, along the way.

I look in awe, at the wondrous things
Thou hast made Lord, with Thy great love,
The ocean swelling with tides,
the seashore with drift wood all from Thee above,

Thank Thee Lord Jesus for saving our souls,
all who will come and claim,
The Mighty name of Jesus into their hearts,
and openly confess Thy name.
The Oceans Shore
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

Have you ever stood on the oceans shore,
and looked far to the other side,
Just as the sun is rising, or setting,
and wishing a loved one was by your side?

You can never see so much beauty
here on earth as this doth bring,
It makes one so somber, you have a compelling urge
to just burst out and sing.

Ships passing, masts raised up high
with the sunset gleaming off the bow,
Into the oceans water,
and it seems to go so much further down somehow.

It's a time of thankfulness,
that we are here together this wondrous day,
When once in war over there, you seemed close,
yet so far, far away.

It was at sunset I would dwell upon the things of us,
the way we feel, and care,
Makes it so awesome in this great beauty,
to look to the Lord and talk to Him there,

As we know in our hearts,
that the glow of the sun upon water was put there by He
Who will one day bring us to a place
even more wondrous, there in Eternity.

He watches after the ships assail,
keeps the mighty ocean still as the gentle breeze,
When walking in the forest in the Fall,
gathering leaves from the beautiful trees.
The neap tide comes roaring in and washes
our footprints sorely away,
and then When the moon and sun teases it a bit,
is when the ebb tide goes out again.

Water ebbs back out to sea as God would have it be,
and we can walk in the sand
Until our toes are wet,
and pick up sea shells,
still watching the sunset from land.

Its like God drew us a picture here on earth,
just to give an inkling of what it will be,
When we are gone from this beautiful world,
and its in Heaven there, we'll be

A Virtuous Woman
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

Who can find a virtuous woman?
Above rubies is her price,
Her husband doth truly trust in her,
no need he’ll have spoil, she is wise,
She will rise up while it is yet night,
fill her lamps with oil, enough to do,
She seeks wool and flax,
works with her hands to help him too.

She is likened to the merchants’ ship,
bringing food from afar,
She rises while it’s night still,
giving food to her household, none to bar,

She buys a field and a vineyard
she plants with her own hand,
A bountiful blessing to her husband,
her candle goes not out in the land.

She girds her loins and sees her merchandise is good,
her hand doth lay Upon the spindle,
the distaff in her hand she doth display,
Reaching out her hand to the poor,
which are in dire need,
Strength and honor are her clothing;
She hath planted good seed.

In time to come she shall rejoice,
I know she hath pleased her lord well,
She looks well to the needs of her household,
I know with God she will dwell,
Her husband praises her,
her children rise up and call her blest,
She looks to the needs of her household,
I know her Lord will give her rest.

Many daughters have done virtuously,
but she exceeds them all,
Favor is deceitful, she is not vain,
upon her Lord doth she, call.
There in the pearled realms of Heaven,
I know for her He awaits,
To give her fruits of her hands and her own works
doth praise her, at the gates.

Dedicated to my Mother Julie Mullins Duncan
He Laid Heaven Aside For Me
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

It was two thousand years ago,
our Lord took a stand,
He laid Heaven aside for me,
left the Heavenly band,

Laid aside his garments of white,
his signet ring that day,
To come to a little town called Bethlehem,
to be born and pave the way,

He traded in His crown of diamonds and gold,
for one made of a bush of thorn,
To wear upon His dear head,
knowing from the day He was born,

That there would be pain and sorrow
from a world full of Satan and sin,
But He gave up Heaven for a spell,
that I might be born again.

He laid aside all that He held dear
for me that day, for you too,
Though, had it only been one to be saved,
He would have done the same too.

He knew the pain and sorrow;
He knew the deceit that did await,
As He laid Heaven aside and made room
for you and me at the gate.

This Savior is Jesus
and He laid Heaven aside to die on an old Cross,
That his bride here on this old earth
would never suffer loss,

But be promoted to Heavens’
Pearled gates as we accepted Gods’ Son,
Knowing truly in our hearts,
this Son of God is the One.

He’s Prince of the Heaven He laid aside,
so noble and grand,
Knowing all the troubles that awaited Him
in this old land,

But He loved us with a love that’s true,
that’s unsurpassed,
So when our life is done here on earth,
we’ll have a true Heaven at last.

Call Your Operator
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

Sometimes we need to talk to someone,
tell our troubles all,
We pick up the telephone
and can't get through a call.
So we have to call the operator,
to help to get us through,
That's why I call Jesus dear God,
when I need to talk to you.

He tells me this is what He does,
will always intercede,
So I call my Heavenly operator,
when a talk with God I need,
His line is never busy;
we can reach Him night or day,
He will always be there waiting,
because that is just His way.

It's as easy to talk long distance
as a friend next door to call,
No money is required to talk to God,
as through His operator its free for all.
No matter we waited long
and thought we never would,
He is so gloriously wonderful,
we found we surely could.

I've never found the line busy;
this operator is surely on the ball
He would never keep us waiting
when it's our God we need to call.
You don't have to press a number,
talk to a machine or wait,
He is ever waiting to talk with us
and tell us its not too late.

If ice storms, rain or blizzards come,
or if hail storms abound,
No poles will break, no wires to fall
and tangle upon the ground,
Its just a whisper away to call the operator,
Jesus is His name,
And though many call all at once,
He'll be there for all just the same.
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

Theres a band of warriors, moving across the globe today,
Bringing life to those among them who have yet to find the way . . .
Of our mighty, living Savior, who died on Calvary Cross ~
Conquering sin and darkness, defeating death and loss.
They walk through hell and evil, their Shields held up high ~
Telling all the Nations who have not heard "The Lord is standing by".
A Redeemer always ready, coming near as each confess . . .
A Savior and deliverer, their souls to forever Bless.
Warriors leave their homeland, tested, hearts found true . . .
Assigned by God. Bringing Heaven to another, just like you.
Oft times they end up in prison, to terror and losing lives . . .
Assigned by God. (Stay brave) "walk the path of sacrifice"
To those warriors, serving Jesus, softens well-worn path,
The never-ending struggle of defeating Satan's wrath . . .
Heavens shining brighter, Saints arrive with every blow.
Wherever warriors find themselves, Jesus doth also there go
When darkness crowds around you and your faith is mixed with fear ~
Remember He is with you and Gods Saints are Praying here . . .
We love and need you warriors, today, to take the fight
To the evil all across the globe, to turn darkness into light.

In His Will
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

As we travel this old earth over,
let us run the race with zest.
Let us be in His will ever,
let us always pass the coming test.
Jesus, help us all the long and tiring way,
to be in your will ...
And some day, as we grow more mature,
we will be there still.
At each early dawning,
with fresh dew drops upon the ground ...
We see the amazing wonders you have given,
as we look all ‘round.
The beach with the sand upon it
and oceans which are deep and clear.
Heads bowed low,
knowing in our hearts that you are always near.

Near enough to catch a teardrop
as it falls from a broken heart,
And close in our minds,
knowing from Thee we'll never part.
Looking at the trees in Autumn,
or the snow-caps upon the mountain there ...
We're bound of Thy love to be in Thy will
and talk to Thee in Prayer.

Or, look at the little children,
as they wish upon a star at night ...
It makes our hearts as light as a feather
and love Thee with all our might.
So let us run the race and look out upon the horizon,
at all the sights to see ...
That in that great day up yonder,
we will truly with our Savior be.

He has compassion for us,
(His children) we see it in the gift He gave,
As He went into Hades and took the keys,
as he also arose from the grave.
So we can be there with Him in that great city,
beyond the deep blue sky ...
So let us Glory in that great tomorrow,
when we're in His will up there on high.
I Want to See
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

I want to see the Heavens open, with the gates swinging wide.
I want to see the lame walk and be by our sweet Saviors side
Id like to sing for my Lord up there above . . . sweet melodies,
And taste the true manna from Heaven, sweeter than honey from bees.

Id like to see no more pain and sorrow, there in Heaven above,
And it would be so joyful, when we can see nothing there but love.
There will be no more hunger. Our God hath made a glorious day,
To keep His children happy, and His Son, in torture paved the way.

Id like to look upon the blind seeing again, gazing on our Saviors sweet face.
Let the deaf and mute hear and talk and know they have run the race.
Lord, maybe all our colors can be the same, no prejudice there at all,
But all loving each other, as on our wondrous Savior, He’s let us come to call.

I want to be where there is no sickness, no memory loss to anyone ...

Where cancer and heart attacks and diseases we’ll have overcome.
I want to see the joy in the morning, where there are no more tears,
As here on earth I have seen it o’er and o’er all through the years.

Id like to see flowers growing there, in the new Heavens Eden
Fertile soil, with dew drops watering and no more tares for weeding.
Sweet Jesus prepared the way, through torture on the Cross, with love.
Lord, let us stand beside Him and Praise Him forever, as You take us home above.

Seven, Brave Young Lions
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

They were all so intelligent . . .young. They had ambition.
For a cause, for our Country ~ they had a mission.
They never knew they’d not come home again
But God took them home to Heavens land.

They will be so missed, this crew of America’s space ship.
There will always be grief, caused from this mishap.
Lord, we know that you know, when a souls time here is up,
But still this Country and loved ones, drink from a bitter cup.

That terrible day up there in the sky, Oh why I ask?
Was what they were doing in space to big a task?
Lord, all the people are so full of questions today,
But we know all things are for Thy Glory, always.

We doubt not Thy choice, of whom you bring on home.
They went in splendor, but so many families feel so alone.
Give them comfort dear Lord . . . one day let them live again,
For the time they will meet up there in Heavens Glory land.

We grieve for all these young people and families tonight.
Seems a band around my heart keeps holding me tight.
But what of family? They lived to have the God given right . . .
To know that Thou art with them, every day and night.

Dedicated to the brave crew of the American space shuttle, Columbia
Letter To Mama
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

Mama, I went to your grave today
To lay some pretty flowers there,
But as I looked around upon the ground
I couldn’t see you anywhere.
Then I looked up high into the sky
And I could see you everywhere.
Walking softly with our Savior
On the streets He paved with gold,
Picking fruit from Heavens’ tree,
Waiting for us to join the fold.
So wait for us sweet gentle Mother,
Keep us in your sweet Holy Prayer,
Hence one day I know we’ll come
And then we’ll be together there.

For my Mother Julie Mullins Duncan

We Remember 9-11-2001

We remember today, a tragedy of a year ago, our world torn apart,
Loved ones, firemen, policemen, hospital workers gave of their heart,
Planes were in route were overtaken and abused sorely by evil men,
Flew into the towers, the pentagon and killed the bravest people, who have ever been.

They took back the plane in PA, and gave their life that others might live,
I know it was no shock to Jesus, I know He heard Prayers and did forgive,
The evil there and the towers was so awful, we had to send our men, a war to fight
To take the evil peoples land to ruin, kill many there, who hath not seen the light.

The workers are so great to have done it all, even to the blood they gave,
That some who were wounded would have the chance, their life to save,
Valor and gentry was in our Country that day, our Eagle soared on high,
Representing our great country on land, in the city, and on sea, he stood by.

They tried to soil our Flag that day, but it was not ever to be, they stand by,
Maybe a rip or even some burned, and to ashes turned, but they are still waving high,
They wave in our hearts, as do the heroes who gave their all that terrible day,
We need always to remember the friends we lost, in such a sinful way.

Jesus took our loved ones on home, it was their time, or it would not have been,
For He is in control always, even of the cowards hiding in a caves den,
A braggart who is evil, up in glory he will never be, he is not Gods' own,
Lord, bring our soldiers, sailors, marines and air force men back home.

The workers digging up bodies for months, trying to identify peoples loving kin,
Even the smartest and bravest canine were there, doing their share again,
We look back now and see anew, all our world seemed to just tear apart,
But let us keep utmost in our minds that now and forever, that Jesus is in our heart.

He will watch over all who call on Him; He will mend broken hearts and make anew.
He will be with us all throughout eternity, in all the things we need to do;
Just give your life to Jesus today; He will so tenderly take the greatest care
Of your life now, as did He, when our people were in taken in shock last year.

We had many unseen enemies, who came here as friend or foe?
Would, we had known, and our Government would have made them go.
Strife on our Country would never in this world have ever, ever won,
But let us never in all our life, forget our friends in September 11, two thousand one.


Dedicated to the Personnel of the PELELIU ARG?15RH the arm MEU (SOC)
ENDURING FREEDOM. And all the heros who helped in the three tragedies on 9/11/2001
© Pearlie Duncan Walker

Our Heroes’ of America
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

That day, the Towers and the Pentagon were falling, a plane was downed,
But there came from everywhere, our heroes on that day, they did abound,
A fireman untangling a mess to get to the lady lying there,
A Policeman coming to help at every opportunity, a body to bear.

Going through fire and falling stone, trembling with terror, but struggled on,
Determined to save the hurt and ease the dying, they listened for every groan,
Touched the hearts of American Citizens as no other could ever do,
And heroes in a downed plane, calling, home to say, its ok. I’m about through.

Heroes at every spot of trouble and hurt, never stopping to wait for another,
Taking care of all they could find, every friend, child, father or mother,
Unleashed power of love that day, all from our wondrous heroes of the day,
Helping in every thing, to move the wounded out of harms way.

God, be with them all, some we don’t know, but Lord, you know them well,
Bless each and everyone, who helped the injured that awful day of hell,
Caused by Satan himself, but he knows his time is very short indeed,
Knowing Jesus is soon coming, all our heroes planting good seed.

Heroes,’ even to the animals that were sniffing and trying to find all the missing,
To bring to safety, from the rubble there in the city that with fire was hissing,
Some of our heroes’ are gone to be with God above, they were so brave,
Knowing they would possibly be killed, they chose, our people to save.

Dedicated to every fireman, policeman volunteer or animal who helped in the fight To free or take out the dead in the travesty that happened in New York or The Pentagon Or, the ones who died in the plane that was downed in PA. Or anyone who helped in any way whatsoever. We, Americans Hail you!

The Love of Neighbors
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

Something rather surprising came in my mail today,
It was from our neighboring countries near and far away,
They were Praying for our misfortunes, for our grief,
For families caught up in a plight of hate like waters pounding on a reef.

Oh, for neighbors to love and cherish, on whom we can rely,
When grief and death comes streaking from up high into the sky.
Let us be good neighbors too, always with a ready hand,
As hath all the workers in New York had, to help in our land.

We need to depend on a Savior, who can always conquer all.
If we put our trust and faith in Him, on Him we can call.
Thank you neighbors all around the world so big and wide.
I never knew there were so many, who in trouble would stand by our side.

Thank all the many nations, names that go unsaid today.
My mind is in a daze, just trying to think of a loving way
To say the things inside my heart. I know all of the USA are too.
So we just say we love you, in all the things you do.

We saw flowers, banners, crowds and many tears.
We saw many young and old giving your loving, thoughtful cheers.
Bless you all, as our country has been Blest throughout the years,
And God protect your country, from having to shed useless tears.

All the Towers Were Falling
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

It was early that morn, when our Nation was alerted by the news
Of the grossness of demented people, who, our Country abused.
By cowards of another place, hiding his cowardly evil face in a cave,
While our buildings were falling, help to the wounded and dying, our people gave.

It was so horrific to look upon. Looked so unreal watching the smoke and fire boil,
Our kin and friends all falling, jumping and dying. Our hearts couldn't help, but recoil,
As many rushed upon the scene with all willingness to give them aid.
It was their Countrymen; every human effort was truly and freely made.

We, in our hearts see Angels descend and take our loved ones home to stay,
We see the Bald Eagle and our Country's Glorious Flag wave on today.
For this is America; This is home for all who love freedom and rest,
Upon the shores of America, America, the hometown of the very best.

We have a wonderful President, a Christian leader to lean upon,
But most of all, we have a Savior, who will avenge us, as He took the victims home.
Loved ones hearts' breaking into; All American people sad and blue today.
But let not Americans forget, that we will repay this evil country in our own way.

The Towers and Pentagon gave way as the stolen planes with Satan burst in,
But brave people stopped this happening to another plane. Evil flew and died in vain again.
Was grounded by our people of valor, long may we remember them into each night,
As we are guarded by the very best, who are not cowards, but ready to fight.

Along with the Pentagon and Towers were many victims; I know God heard their call,
He took them up to the Pearled realms of Heaven. He wasn't surprised at all,
He knows every heart. Ask and He will abide with each one who mourns.
And our Country makes us proud to say "I'm an American", as our waving Flag, adorns.

We do so humbly thank all the people of service. Police, Firemen who truly gave aid to all.
Who came to the rescue, many losing their life, but came that eventful day to call,
Upon American People. Trying to save them from despair, truly some gave their life,
Trying to end suffering of fellow human Americans; trying to end the strife.

Thank You Friends, of our USA
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

We see your flowers, we see your tears,
We watch crowds from every country's cheers,
Stand up America, let us thank our friends.
Praying to our Lord God, the madness ends.
Where hatred abides, evil rears its head high,
For friend or foe, or just the passerby.
We are humbled friends, for your loving care
For our Country's sorrow. You feel so near
Thank you all, with all our heart, all our being,
This sight brought unshed tears of joy, just by seeing
How much you care, how your heart beats too,
In rhythm with our heart and soul in all we do,
Your greeting and cheers are from far away,
We send our thanks to all, from the USA.

Response to our Friends Across the World, Thank You all From our Hearts

This Nation, Under God
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

Most people of America came here looking for a Godly land,
Some have come, our Country's very freedom to utterly ban,
We AMERICANS choose to live UNDER GODS own rule,
Including keeping all our children in a good Christian school.

We have those who like to scream about rights, and that's okay,
But if you really want to live in our Country, please do it our way,
Christians established the laws of the land, long, long ago,
And we suggest, if there are any who do not like it, you're free to go.

Our men fought for our freedom under the flag of red, white and blue,
If you cannot abide by these colors, maybe we could help find a new home for you,
Its all pretty simple, we live in the good old USA, under God and our flag,
So just don't mind too much, if sometimes we do like to brag.

We take in other Countries people, give them jobs, healthcare and all,
Then some start acting like its their place to give this Country's call,
To start changing our constitution, changing the law to their need,
We are the Americans who worship the God of our fathers indeed.

Oh, and by the way, this IS America and its English we surely speak,
Not Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese or any other do we seek,
So if you are going to hang around for a good long stay, please don't be squeamish,
Check out our libraries and try to learn some good ole American ENGLISH.

We are true Americans who will not, our laws of God compromise,
So, we will not stand by and watch, while you try to use the word bias,
And try to take out from our pledge of allegiance the words of"Under God",
If you cannot love our Country, as do we, we suggest you leave this old sod.

All The People Cried Today
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

Word came among us in this wonderful Country, the USA,
That some of our men were killed in an accident today,
But they would not have been, had not it been for a coward in a cave,
This wonderful marines family would not had to bury him in a grave.

When we heard of these men, we knew not what we could say,
But all the people of America paused, and cried today,
For the marines, sailors and all the service men to go the way,
Of the places they need to go, to keep the people safe in the USA.

Our hearts go out to all the families of a missing son, their soldier boy,
‘Cause we miss him too, even though we never saw his face of joy,
When running and playing as a child, or somber faced as a man on his way,
To join up and help fight the enemy for our protection in this evil of days.

Many go and win the wars of America and come back home again,
These are the valiant heroes of America, down to every single man,
They take the chance to go and die for us, we need to lean their way,
Give them comfort in all things, so the people wont have to cry today.

I know the good Lord took them home, their soul is with God now,
They did their duty here on earth, and won the crown of Glory somehow,
With the Father watching their every move, He must have needed them some way,
But for the ardor of love we feel and sadness of our loss, all the people cried today.

A Crown of Thorns
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

There was upon this earth a Savior who came to cleanse and heal.
He wore a crown of thorns upon His head, our souls to ever seal.
He gave up the crown of Glory that was rightfully His that day
That He came to earth to give unto all men, a glorious stay.

He put aside His own sweet crown, his signet ring that day,
That maybe all would come and walk in His dear, righteous way.
He loved us with a love so pure that on His head He wore a crown of thorns
That His love would cleanse the world and man could be reborn.

Mighty is the name of this Savior, Jesus, He redeemed the day
For all who would accept Him and walk along His righteous way.
They hung Him upon an old rugged Cross, a thief on either side,
But the day He comes back again, He'll take us to be His bride.

If we give our Hearts to Him who bore our shame on Calvary's Cross
That though we've sinned o'er and o'er, we'll suffer no loss.
But only if we claim Him as Savior and are not filled with shame,
Then that fateful day in Glory, He'll proudly, proclaim our name.

This is the love of one so dear that He suffered horrible pain
So when this life on earth is over, through Him we'll be joined again.
By His tender mercies and pain, of a crown of thorns upon His head
He will raise us up to Glory, as was He, after they pronounced Him dead.

America Remembers You
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

As we live and try to go on, the picture still burns within our heart
Of the precious Americans whose world was torn apart.
Many killed and massacred, right before our own eyes,
But the Nation who did this is not from God, so why, are we surprised?

We love you American families who lost more than the rest that day,
But, know we all lost someone, for the lost were our Countrymen for whom we Pray.
Darkness fell over our American people, thus on our precious Flag.
God will take vengeance on this cruel beast, who loves to brag.

Oh, America let all come back to the God of our fathers today.
Help us, oh God, to turn around from wrong, bow down and Pray
For the welfare of our children, our people and our schools today,
Knowing that very soon the Rapture, is well on our Country's way.

We remember you Americans who were destroyed by evil and greed.
We honor your families who were left behind, long and hard to grieve.
All will remember, have no doubts, our friends who have gone on before.
America will ever be here remembering, until God brings us to that shore.

A shore overflowing with water, of crystal blue, they'll be waiting there for you.
So you just remember always and forever, that we're remembering you.
Who stood the shock and grief for us all, on each and every long, long day.
Hold on, Jesus is coming to avenge you, I believe He’s well on the way.

We all remember you and shed tears for you, each and every single day.
And I remember God telling Israel, come back to me, be my people, go my way.
For He said He is a jealous God, of His chosen people there.
We are grafted in my friends, let us humbly go to Him in serious Holy Prayer.

A Lamb Without Blemish
By Pearlie Duncan Walker ©

There was born into this world, one sweet day
A Lamb without blemish, in a manger, on a bed of hay.
The wise men saw the star in the east, and had to go see.
Wondering, was this the Son of God? It had to be.

They saw the star shining brightly, over the stall,
Knowing, on this babe of sovereignty, they'd come to call.
This sage and innocent Lamb changed the world that day.
For Him was the scepter chosen, from old Satan to take the keys away.

He grew up in obedience to His parents and His Father.
Never sinned, with worldly things He didn't bother.
This Lamb was of God, He taught others how to be.
He showed them faith, by walking on the water, out in the sea.

Old Satan tempted Him...But He couldn't be bought.
He resisted every temptation, brought old Satan to naught.
Shunned by His Countrymen...paid in suffering, but not in vain.
Not He, but by ones who will one day kneel at the mention of His name.

I want to be there when this life is over, to kneel at His feet.
And worship in Prayer and song, to this Lamb Ill meet.
See the streets of gold and maybe the tree of life, when this life is finished
And be with our Savior, who is the Lamb unblemished.



Updated 1/25/2007

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