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Poetry By Others Vickie Lambdin

{Arranged In Alphabetical Order}

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Biography of Vickie Lambdin

Vickie Lambdin

My name is Vickie Lambdin: I love to write poetry:
I am fifty years old, and have one son 26, named Brandon, who is my pride, and joy:

I reside in Kentucky, The beautiful Bluegrass State: I hope everyone enjoys my poetry, and gets a blessing out of each poem:

I write all types of poetry, but, Inspirational poems are my favorite:

God Bless you All:


Website: Vickie Lambdin

"This Living Water"
By Vickie Lambdin 2002

This Living water flows free from above;
It's filled with forgiveness, compassion and love.
It flows down the mountains, and into the shore,
And when you drink from this fountain, you'll Thirst nevermore.

This river of life God has given so free;
Is a stairway to Heaven for you, and for me.
You'll never find water so pure, or so true,
As this fountain of Life, he's provided for you.

So when you need a drink of the spiritual kind;
Just keep the Lord's fountain in the back of your Mind.
It will always be there when you need to sup,
It's a river of Grace, that never dries up.
The Homecoming
By Vickie Lambdin

As I look back on that September Day
At all of the grief, and the pain
I remember a candlelight vigil,
As they prayed and held hands in the rain.

I was in shock, as I watched on T.V.
Though I wasn't there, I was down on my knees.
Praying, and asking,"The Lord of Our Nation"
To heal all of their wounds, ease their pain, and frustration.

Lord, I know you said in your word, "To Forgive"
But sometimes, that is so hard to do.
When they've taken away all your hopes,and your dreams,
And the lives of those closest to you.

I know that their loved ones, you have taken on home.
And with your sweet angels they sing,
And I know someday soon, we will all get to join them
In A "Heavenly Homecoming," fit for a King.

John 14:18- I will not leave you" comfortless" I will come to you.

In memory of all those who lost their lives in the 9-11 tragedy: We all love, and miss you:
In Your Eyes
By Vickie Lambdin

I see your souls reflection,
When I look into your eyes.
I can feel our hearts connecting,
With a love you can't disguise.

In your eyes, I see contentment
Whenever I'm around.
I hear the thoughts you must be thinking.
You don't have to make a sound.

In your eyes, I see a love-light
That, at times, you try to hide.
I can swear I see forever,
When I look into your eyes.

You've never said, "I love you."
I guess you think it isn't wise.
But, darling, you don't need to.
I can see it in your eyes.
Give Me Strength
By Vickie Lambdin

If Satan's way I seek to go,
Lord, give me courage to tell him, "No."
Don't let my soul be led astray.
Please, give me strength for one more day.

And if I fall along the way,
Then lift me up, Oh Lord, I pray.
For, Satan's strong and I am weak.
Your tender mercies I will seek.

Your love is strong, your grace I need
When Satan makes my spirit bleed.
Give me strength, Oh Lord, I pray -
To fight this demon, day by day.

Satan's working overtime,
Trying his best to change my mind.
But if you'll help me, Lord, I know
His evil seeds will never grow.

For, you are mightier than the sword.
I've chosen you to be my Lord.
So give me strength, Oh God, I pray;
By standing in the devils way.

Elijah The Prophete
By Vickie Lambdin

Elijah was a Hebrew prophet,
One of God's chosen few;
Whom He had sent to Tyre
And told him what to do.

He said, "Elijah, go to Tyre,
The city ruled by Ahab, and Jezebel,
And testify to the people there,
Against their god, called 'Baal'."

So, Elijah rose up in anger
Toward the rulers of Tyre.
He said, "God has sent this scorching drought
Because of your disbelief."

Then, Elijah proposed a contest,
Between himself and the priest's of Baal,
To sacrifice a bull ... drenched in water
From their desert well.

So, the priest's prayed to their nature god,
Of whom they were so fond,
To consume this bull with fire.
But, Baal did not respond.

Then, Elijah told the people there
To soak this bull real well
And watch God's fire consume it,
Then denounce their god, named Baal.

So the people watched in wonder,
When Elijah said, with a nod,
"Behold the bull has been consumed,
And by the fire of my 'Living God'!"
By Vickie Lambdin

Daniel was a righteous man;
He found favor in God's eyes,
But he was thrown into the lions den,
By King Darius, and his spies.

King Daruis, and his mighty men;
A new law, had they decreed,
A plan to worship only him,
But, Daniel disagreed.

Now, Daniel got down on his knees;
At least, three times a day,
And to his "Living God Above,"
He would always kneal, and pray.

King Darius became angry;
And told Daniel, he had sinned,
By ignoring his new decree,
To fall down, and worship him.

So, the King consulted with his princes;
And followers within,
To lead Daniel from the palace,
And into the lion's den.

Then, the King said to Daniel;
"The God you serve,He will deliver you,"
But, Daniel didn't say a word,
Until his ordeal, was through.

Now, God's angels came into the night;
To shut the lions mouth,
And when the King arrived at dawn,
He knew there was no doubt;

That Daniel's God,was "The Living God,"
So, man should tremble and fear,
For, He delivered Daniel from the lions mouth,
Without harm, he did appear.

Now King Darius made a new decree;
For his people, throughout the land.
To worship Daniel's "Living God,"
And to follow Daniel's plan.

The Master Painter
By Vickie Lambdin 2002

There is a Master painter
Who lives up above.
With each stroke of His brush,
He paints us some love.

He paints the purple violets
And the yellow daffodils,
With the deepest orange sunset;
Between the valleys and hills.

He paints us a rainbow,
After the rain.
Then, He brushes on some moon-glow,
Above the rugged terrain.

He paints our skies;
The mountains, and streams;
The bluest of blues
And the greenest of greens.

He paints us the perfect portrait,
With His tender works of art.
He shows us, in every pastel rose,
The love within His heart.

This beauty and perfection,
That He paints for us to share,
Is a Masterpiece, right here on earth,
In which no artist can compare.
Calling All Angels
By Vickie Lambdin
These are the words of a six year old;
And were mispelled intentionally.

My little boy looked up at me;
With his sad brown eyes,
Said, "momma please call God's angels,
Now, away up in the skies.

Tell them if they see daddy;
That we want him to come home,
Say, we both lub and miss him,
And, that he's been gone too wong.

He said, "momma, I'm awreddy six;
And, next month I'll be seben,
Please call all the angels now,
Dad must come home from heaben.

I sure wish that he was here;
To help me celebrake,
So, tell the angels to talk to him,
And please say, "Don't be late!"

I looked at him through tear filled eyes;
Trying, not to sob,
I said, "son your dad can't come home now,
He's up there helping God."

A true poem I wrote about my sons dad: He died when Brandon was five

Two Hearts
By Vickie Lambdin

Two hearts, that beat as one,
Two souls, so intertwined,
Are finally joined together.
Sweetheart, they're yours and mine.

A love so sweet and tender
That nothing can compare,
It surpasses every love we've known;
So beautiful and rare.

Our hearts are bound together.
They beat in perfect time,
Like they're sending out a message,
With the sweetest words that rhyme.

I feel so very lucky
To have a heart so true.
And, when I look into your eyes,
I can see the love in you.
Spare Me, Lord
By Vickie Lambdin

Lord, spare me from self-righteousness
And from having too much pride.
Spare me from indifference.
Let Your conscience be my guide.

Lord, spare me from intolerance.
Let patience take the lead.
Let me be a reflection of you,
To help lost souls in need.

Let your gentle light shine through me,
So that Faith and hope prevail.
Let your love and strength renew me.
Be the winds beneath my sail.

Lord, spare me from deceitful deeds,
Rejecting Satan's ways.
Fill my heart and soul with love,
And my lips with Godly praise.

Let Your light be my beacon, Lord,
So that all the world will see
That I am truly part of "You"
And" You" are part, of me.

Teach Us
By Vickie Lambdin 2002

Heavenly Father, King of mankind;
Who once healed the lepers and gave sight to the blind.
Teach us, "Oh Father, to walk in thy ways"
So we'll live forever, and lengthen our days.

Teach us to be humble,forgiving, and meek.
While giving us strength to shoulder the weak
Lord teach us to focus on spiritual things,
Like faith, hope, and love, and the joy that it brings.
So when this life is over
And we've finished our race,
We'll see you up yonder
In that Heavenly Place.
The Sweetest Comfort
By Vickie Lambdin

I seek my comfort from above.
It has a lifetime guarantee,
Encircled by His precious love,
Through all eternity.

I know His love won't let me down.
When I was lost, His grace I found.
If I'm in doubt, He's always there
To give me tender loving care.

And, when I'm sad, He comes around
To replace this sorrow that I've found.
He brightens up my very soul.
He is the half that makes me whole.

He reaches down, with a gentle touch,
And says, "I love you, oh, so much.
Come and I will give you peace.
In my loving arms you'll find relief."

The sweetest comfort, we can afford,
Comes from above. His name is 'Lord'!

May God bless, and comfort you.

John 14:18- I will not leave you" comfortless" I will come to you.

In memory of all those who lost their lives in the 9-11 tragedy: We all love, and miss you:

By Vickie Lambdin 2002

God has a toll free number
You can call Him night or day,
The only requirement is bended knees
(To call 1-800-Pray)

His line is never busy.
It's open 24 hours a day.
There's no charge for His compassion,
At ( 1-800-PRAY)

He won't keep you waiting
Or hanging on the line
And when you go to Him in prayer,
He's always right on time.

He never takes vacations
Not even for one day
He waits for us to call on Him,
(At 1-800-PRAY)

He's always there to lend an ear
For our problems great or small
He's more than glad to talk with us,
When we make His toll free call.
Hear My Plea
By Vickie Lambdin

Lord, hear my plea and supplications.
Feel my sadness and despair.
Wrap your loving arms around me,
As I come to You in prayer.

Lift these heavy burdens from me.
Make them feel as light as air.
Let me cast my fears upon You,
Tell You of my every care.

Let Your humble Spirit guide me,
While I'm, down here, on my knees.
I can feel Your love inside me.
You put my heart and mind at ease.

There is no sweeter feeling
Than having You as my dear friend,
Because I know You truly love me
And Your love will never end.

John 14:18- I will not leave you" comfortless" I will come to you.

In memory of all those who lost their lives in the 9-11 tragedy: We all love, and miss you:

Depression Road
By Vickie Lambdin 2002

I was sad and lonely.
Depression was my friend,
Until I got down on my knees
And let My Savior in.

He lifted all my burdens
And forgave my every sin.
He took away my sorrow
And helped me live, again.

I walked around with teardrops
just streaming down my face.
I knew I couldn't last, for long,
In that cold and lonely place.

Then, the Savior rescued me
With His Amazing Grace.
So, now, I'm smiling all day long.
He replaced my teardrops with His song.

My soul is light.
He bore my load.
For, it was dark, as a dungeon,
Out on Depression Road.

I cried unto thee, O Lord, I said,
"Thou art my refuge and my portion,
In the land of the living.
Psalms 142:5
Just Knock
By Vickie Lambdin 2002

Just knock and the door will open.
Seek and I know you will find
The outstretched arms of the Savior,
Saying, "Put your trusting hands into mine."

For, His way is the doorway to Heaven
And, if you ask, He'll give you the key.
With arms open wide, He'll say, "Come inside."
He'll be your fortress, for Eternity.

If you'll seek His face,
Your sins He'll erase
And your burdens
He'll help you to bear.

So, just knock on His door.
You'll find peace, evermore,
With a love so unique
and so rare.

I am the door: by me if any man enter in,
He shall be saved, and shall go in
and out, and find pasture.
John 10:9

My Love
By Vickie Lambdin 2002

If you'll listen close to your heart,
You'll find my heart is beating there, too.
And, no matter how far from each other we are,
Just remember ~ my love follows you.

Down through the years, we've shared laughter and tears,
As our love turns the pages of time.
Please remember~ I'll stay just a heartbeat away.
We'll still be walking, with your hand in mine.

And, when my hair turns silver, replacing the gold,
We'll still need each other 'to have and to hold'.
Then, when this life has ended and our time is through,
Just remember ~ my love follows you.

And, when the death angel comes,
From out of the blue,
Please remember ~
My love follows you.

Save The Wolf
By Vickie Lambdin 2002

He gazes up at the moon;
And howls for his mate,
While hunters, and trappers,
Decide on his fate.

This wolf is shy, and misunderstood;
He's labeled as evil, and up to no good.
But, in order for him, and his pack to survive,
He must kill his prey to keep this family alive.

He has a mate, and five pups;
Close-by in a den,
These cute little ones,
Are depending on him

He stalks a deer, an elk, or a moose;
And once in a while, and occasional goose.
He might stalk a rabbit, or even a hen,
Then he takes it all back, to his pups in the den.

So please understand;
He has a family to feed,
He doesn't kill out of spite,
He kills out of need.

These wolves are endangered;
Extinction they face,
Without the love, and protection,
Of the whole human race.

Let's help preserve the Wolves:

This poem was based on a true story, about Wolf #10, who lived in Yellowstone Park. He was killed on purpose by one of the farmers in a nearby town. He left his mate, with five pups. This was a sad, but true story. Generally, Wolves are shy of humans, and will usually run away. Statistics have proven that very few Wolves have ever attacked a human, without provocation.Please help preserve the wolves.

Mother's Memories
By Vickie Lambdin 2002

She sits, and stares out the window;
She really sees nothing at all.
Gazing out into space, a blank look on her face,
Then she turns, and faces the wall.

It doesn't seem that long ago;
When she was raising me,
Back then, I depended upon her so,
Now, she depends upon me.

She's like a child alone in the darkness,
Just groping, to find her way,
And the only thoughts that come to mind,
Are her memories of yesterday.

She rambles on about her youth;
And tells of the good times she's had,
She mumbles about her sweet mother,
And reminisces about the strength of her dad.

I say, "Mama, it's time for your morning bath,
And it's time to take your pill,
She looks up at me with an innocent plea,
Then she whispers, "Well, maybe I will."

I brush back her beautiful gray;
Then, to myself I quietly pray,
"Lord, please help them find, a cure for the mind,
Before mama slips quietly away."

Alzheimer's Support
A Broken Wing
By Vickie Lambdin

I found a robin with a broken wing;
In so much pain, he couldn't sing.
So I took him home, and said a prayer,
And gave him tender, loving, care,

Then I patched up his broken wing;
And gave him back his will to sing,
I nursed him well, as time went by,
Till he'd regained, the strength to fly,
I knew I had to set him free;
Though, he'd fly far away from me,
I had to unite him, with his own,
Back in the skies, where he belonged.

And now, he's up there flying high;
With his perfect mended wing,
As I watch him disappear from sight,
Still, I can hear him sing.

By Vickie Lambdin

I found a cute little puppy, some years ago.
I guess he was just about four months old.
Someone dropped him off in front of my house.
It was the beginning of winter.
But, it was bitter cold.

So, I picked him up from my driveway,
Buried under a big pile of snow.
I fed him and warmed him,
And cuddled him up,
And decided to name him 'Banjo'.

He was a tiny Cocker-Spaniel;
Half white, and half brown.
And, as soon as it warmed up a little outside,
I rebuilt a cute little dog house I'd found.

My backyard was totally all fenced in,
So Banjo could romp, play, and run.
And, everyday, we'd play 'fetch the ball'
Or, he'd chase me and we had so much fun.

Banjo really loved me and I loved him, too.
He'd roll over and hand me his paw.
So many tricks I taught him to do
And he'd come running at my beckoned call.

He could sit up or play dead.
Sometimes, he'd chase bugs and flies.
But, as he grew older, his energy waned
And you could see the old age in his eyes.

I'd had Banjo for fourteen years
And that's a long life for a pet.
He acquired arthritis and finally couldn't walk.
So, I took him to my family Vet.

The Vet said there was nothing at all he could do.
My baby was just getting too old.
Banjo's little heart was broken
And he knew mine was, too.
Then, we both had to learn to let go.

Now, my baby's in Heaven, with all the other canines.
But, we'll be together, again. This I know.
So, I wrote this little poem, especially for you,
Because I love and miss you, Banjo.

This poem is dedicated to anyone who has ever lost their best friend, due to old age, or some type of canine disease. I have lost four dogs of my own that I loved very much. May this poem Bless and Comfort you.
By Grace, Through Faith
By Vickie Lambdin

You've got to be saved by Grace
And justified by Faith,
If you want to go to Heaven
And pass through those Pearly gates.

You know, it doesn't matter
How many good deeds we have done.
The only way we get to Glory Land
Is through the blood of God's own son.

Now, the Lord knows all about us.
But, He loves us just the same
And, when we ask Him for forgiveness,
We should ask in Jesus' name ...

Because, Jesus is our Savior;
The one who died on Calvary.
You know He paid our ransom,
When He hung upon that tree.

So remember, there is just one way
We can get through Heaven's Gate.
That's through the blood of Jesus,
And by our Master's Grace, through Faith.

My Childhood Days
By Vickie Lambdin

I remember chasing fireflies,
When I was just a kid.
I'd put 'em in mama's canning jars,
With holes poked in the lid.

We'd all play Mother May I
And Red Light - Green Light, too.
Then, we'd play Red Rover,
When our farming chores were through.

Every child, in the neighborhood,
Would come to our house and play.
You could feel the love surround us all,
In these games of yesterday.

We'd see who could catch the most fireflies
Or hop the farthest in a sack.
Then, we'd all play Hide 'N Seek.
The whole neighborhood liked that.

When I think about my childhood
And the old fashioned games we'd play,
It makes me want to go back in time,
If only for one day.
"Thanksgiving Blessings"
By Vickie Lambdin

T - Is for the Tons of Blessings that I receive each day.
H - Stands for these Hands that fold, when I begin to pray.
A - Means all the Awesome powers our Lord has from above.
N - Stands for His Never ending patience and His Love.
K - Is for the Kindness and forgiveness He has shown.
S - Stands for the Sweetest gift of love we've ever known.
G - Means the Amazing Grace that God bestowed on me.
I - Says I can't imagine, without His love, just where I'd be.
V - Is for (Victory in Jesus), just like that song of old.
I - Means I'll do my best, to lead lost sheep into His fold.
N - Is for the nails driven through our Savior's hands.
G - Stands for God's Greatest Gift, His Son's life for mortal man.

What Christmas Means
By Vickie Lambdin

C - Stands for The Christ Child that was born in Bethlehem.

H - Is the Heavenly Father who sent His son for mortal man.

R - Means our Redemption plan, this Christ Child's birth did bring.

I - Is Intercession for our sins from Christ Our King.

S - Says the brightest Star that led the wise men on their way.

T - Stands for this Treasured babe God sent to us, that day.

M - Proclaims the Meaning that this Christ Child's birth conceived.

A - Means His Atonement, with Grace, that saves those who believe.

S - Is God's greatest Sacrifice, His son's life, for you and me.

Hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Please let us remember to keep the word Christ in Christmas.
After all, He is the reason for the season:
"Yes, It's God!"
By Vickie Lambdin

Hello.  Yes, it's God
And our talk is way past due.
You didn't follow my Commandments,
Even though I've asked you to.

I've asked that you love one another,
Even sacrificed my Son
To die for your transgressions
And to pardon everyone.

I'm here to say, "I'm disappointed.
You curse and fight, and steal.
Then, you kill each other, in my name,
And you know that's not my will.

You have chosen not to follow
The Book Of Life, I left for you.
Instead, your souls have become hollow
And your hearts are hardened, too.

So, please repent, ye sinners,
While you still have some time!
By My grace, I'll still forgive you
And claim your broken souls for mine.

Someday soon, I'll send My Son
Down, upon the clouds above,
To gather all my children home;
All those filled with perfect love."

And whosoever was not found
In The Book Of Life, was
Cast into the lake of fire.
Revelation 20:15

~ My Sweet Valentine ~
By Vickie Lambdin

Forever yours, Sweetheart, I'll be;
Right by your side, eternally.

Then, half past forever,
I know you will find
That I'll always love you,
My Sweet Valentine.

After all of these years,
Through the heartaches and tears,
We're still hand in hand.
We've conquered our fears.

Whether you're near me
Or we're far apart,
I'll cherish your love, dear,
Right here, in my heart.

As we walk through life's journey
And your heart beats with mine,
Just remember you'll always
Be My Sweet Valentine.
Touched By An Angel
By Vickie Lambdin

Have you ever been touched by an angel,
One with invisible wings,
But you could swear you spotted a halo
Above the head of this spiritual dream?

Angels come with many disguises
And some we won't recognize.
But, you can tell they really are angels
By the imprint they leave on our lives.

These angels are filled with God's Spirit
And sent to earth, as part of His plan.
They're sustained with His love,
Sent from Heaven above,
Just waiting for the Master's command.

So, be careful how you treat a stranger.
For, they may not be strangers at all.
They stand, waiting for Heaven's instructions,
To catch you and me when we fall.

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: For thereby, some have entertained angels unawares.
Hebrews 13:2

Lift Him Up
By Vickie Lambdin

Let's Lift Him Up
And praise His holy name,
Drink from this cup
That healed the blind and lame!

We don't give our Savior credit;
Oh, no, not near enough.
So, let's all stand
And Lift Him UP.

Let's praise His holy name
And sing His love-filled songs.
He saved our wretched souls
When we thought all hope was gone.

So, Let's Lift Him Up
To the heaven's, if we can,
And tell everyone
About His great redemption plan.

You know, we can't get to heaven
Without the Savior's cleansing blood.
So, let's all stand up together
And Lift our Savior Up!
The Slopes Of Colorado
By Vickie Lambdin

Winter rears it's timely head
As the fierce northwinds blow.
Across the snowy terrain, an Eagle flies
Above the slopes of Colorado.

The Colorado mountain peaks,
Snow covered like a blanket,
Seems to uplift Mother Nature's voice
In soft echo's as to thank it.

These snow capped Rocky Mountains,
Although so dangerous they appear,
Are looked upon with reverence
By the skier's every year.

What a beautiful site for the skier's,
As they watch the snow pile deep.
They don't seem to mind at all
That these Rocky slopes are steep.

They glide down these snow capped mountains,
All laughing as they go;
Just soaking up the beauty
Of this Rocky Mountain snow.

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: For thereby, some have entertained angels unawares.
Hebrews 13:2

~Keep Me Humble~
By Vickie Lambdin

Lord, please keep me humble,
As I face each coming day.
Help me do my Christian duties.
Help some lost soul to find their way.

Help to lighten someone's burden;
Maybe, dry somebody's tears.
Lift someone up whose feeling lonely.
Help to calm their childish fears.

Say some kind words to a stranger.
Help to feed a hungry soul.
Maybe ,keep a child from danger,
Keep a heart from growing cold.

Lord, if you'll help to keep me humble,
Then, I won't face a hardened heart.
I'll let Your loving light shine through me,
So I'll feel I've done my part.
"That's Where I'll Go"
By Vickie Lambdin

There's a place down
Deep inside my heart
Where I keep your memory
Tucked away, safely in the dark.

And, when I need to reminisce
About the love light in your soul,
I just close my eyes,
And 'that's where I'll go'.

And, when I need to feel
Your gentle touch;
The world is closing in on me,
Life gets to be too much ...

I look deep inside my heart,
Where your memory flows,
And that's where I find it.
So, 'that's where I'll go'.

No one can ever
Touch these memories
Of the love I feel for you,
Or the love you feel for me ...

Because I keep them locked away
So deeply, I suppose.
And, when I need to feel you near me,
'That's where I'll go'.
You know a love
Like ours is priceless,
Worth more than
Diamonds or gold.

So, I'll open up my heart,
Where I can feel your love unfold.
And, Sweetheart, until I see you
Again, 'that's where I'll go'.

~My Mentor~
By Vickie Lambdin

Lord, my spirit is willing,
But my body is weak,
As I try to be worthy.
Your countenance I'll seek.

Just remind me, each day, Lord,
That You're still by my side;
Still serving as my Mentor
And Spiritual Guide.

So, Lord, when I stumble,
As I sometimes do,
I know that your guidance
Will carry me through.

Though my body is weak, Lord,
My spirit is strong;
Knowing You're here beside me
From dusk until dawn.
Just Know
By Vickie Lambdin

I know your heart is broken
And you're sad and lonely, too
And I know you must be thinking
That nobody cares for you.

So, when you're feeling disillusioned
Overcome with grief and strife
Just know the Lord is there beside you
He will help rebuild your life.

And all you have to do is trust Him
Give Him your worries and your fears
And He will take those burdens from you
Help to dry your bitter tears.

So don't listen to the devil
When he says your life is through
Just know the Lord reigns in your heart
And He's an overcomer, too.

Poetry By Vickie Lambdin



Updated 1/25/2007

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