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Poetry By Others Marian Jones

{Arranged In Alphabetical Order}

I'm sure you will enjoy scrolling through these wonderful poetry pages by others.

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Biography of Marian Jones

Marian Jones

"Memory Lane"
By Marian Jones

There is a place in every heart,
They call it Memory Lane,
Where thoughts of loved ones lost,
Forever will remain.

God made this special place,
When he first created man,
For he knew it would be needed,
As part of our life's plan.

He knew when loved ones left us,
We'd need some time to heal,
To come to terms with sorrow,
And the loneliness we'd feel.

So when you lose a loved one
And your life is filled with pain,
The comfort of their presence
Will be found in Memory Lane.
The Nightinggale
By Marian Jones

A nightingale was singing
In the stillness of the night;
It sang of love and beauty,
Beneath the pale moonlight.

I lay there quietly listening
Overwhelmed with memories,
As the nightingale's sweet song
Echoed through the trees.

It seemed to sing of lost love
Of grief that's hard to bear,
And my soul was gently weeping
For a love no longer there.

My darling how I miss you;
I yearn for you each night,
When the nightingale is singing
Beneath the pale moonlight.

"Resting Place"
By Marian Jones

It's a quiet and tranquil place
and this is where you lie.
In the silence I hear your voice,
see your face in the clear blue sky.

It seems so wrong that you are here,
and yet it had to be;
your time on earth was over,
you left this world and me.

I can't help feeling cheated,
you were too young to die,
but one day I'll come to you
and understand the reason why.

Until that time has come,
I'll tend your place with care,
I'll cover it with flowers
and know you'll see them there.

You always said I cared for you
in good times and in bad,
and I'll go on as before
although my heart's so sad.

Yet there is some comfort
from tending to your grave.
I feel your love surround me here,
a strength that keeps me brave.

Although your body's resting,
I know your spirit's free.
I sense you watching from above
and caring still for me.

So when my life is over,
I'll join you where you lie,
and then we'll be as one again,
Two soulmates in the sky.
Mother's Hands
By Marian Jones

Hands that rocked the cradle
From the moment of my birth,
Their tender touch remembered
By those still on this earth.

Soft as silk those hands
That taught me how to pray,
Banishing childhood fears;
They soothed each one away.

When I grew much older
And troubles came my way,
Those hands caressing mine
Did more than words could say.

Mother's hands were gentle,
They're missed so very much,
I'd give the world to feel once more
Their warm and tender touch.

Those hands were full of comfort
Now they lie at rest,
But memory holds them close
To the ones they served the best.

He Sees Your Tears
By Marian Jones

God sees the tears you're crying;
Understands the hurt you feel,
When someone lets you down
And you think your pain won't heal.

He wants to give you comfort
Soothe all your cares away;
Just turn to Him in prayer
And by your side He'll stay.

Ask for strength of will
To see this sadness through,
So the one that let you down,
Can't break your spirit too.

In life we meet unkindness
And find it hard forgiving,
But put your faith in God
He'll make your life worth living.
By Marian Jones 2001

High above a mountain top
Beneath a clear blue sky,
I sit and think about my life
And watch the birds fly by.

I gaze around in wonder
At the beauty of the earth,
How I'm blessed to be here,
So grateful for my birth.

I think about my struggles
When life was going wrong,
But then I thank my God,
He made me big and strong.
I thank Him for the blessings
He's bestowed along the way,
And thank Him for the love
He's shown me each new day.

As I bask in His protection,
I do my best to spread His word,
And if I touch one other soul
I know His voice was heard.

Angel Of Comfort
By Marian Jones

I felt an angel's presence
On the day you left my side:
A gentle touch upon my cheek,
To wipe the tears I cried.

I seemed to hear her whisper
"Your loved one's in God's care,
Just turn your eyes to Heaven
And know he's resting there."

Her presence brought me comfort;
It was as if she knew
My faith in God was tested,
On the day that I lost you.

The years have swiftly passed,
Yet still I sense her near,
And know, whatever comes my way,
She'll help me through each fear.

God never leaves us helpless
As along life's path we roam:
An angel always comes our way
To guide us gently home.
Always With You
By Marian Jones 2001

Your heart may be heavy and aching
Now that I'm no longer here,
But though you may shed many tears
Let memories banish your fear.

My arms are no longer around you,
My lips cannot speak of my love,
But I'm with you in spirit each day,
As I look down from Heaven above.

The house may be silent without me,
It doesn't mean I can't be there,
And when every night that you sleep,
Our love in your dreams we still share.

As you continue alone on the earth,
I'll be with you each step of the way,
I can still be the strength that you need
To carry you through each new day.

Although I know you can't see me,
Our spirits are joined as before,
So whenever you feel uplifted
Know it's me just loving you more.

In Heaven we're given a gift
To still tend to the ones left behind,
So smile when you think of me,
I remain in your heart and your mind.



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