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A Wonderful Person
He was my Husband
Tracy M. Mosley

Tracy & me were married March 23, 1978. I already had three children & he had none. He always loved & cared for them just like they were his own. We were married 27 years March 23, 2005. Our marriage had its ups & downs just like any marriage. When he died on May 1, 2005 , I was in shock. It is hard when someone you love dies suddenly.

Both of us when we married didn't know the Lord. Tracy's grandmother Bertha Wonneberg came to live with us in 1984, through her introducing me to the Lord I came to know the Lord in 1986. We both prayed for Tracy, but before our prays were answered she went to be with the Lord on February 22, 1990. But I continued to pray & I am happy to say Tracy came to know the Lord April 10, 1994. I will never forget that day when he gave his life to our Lord & Savior.

We married after he had served in the Vietnam war, so I don't know much about that part of his life. I do know he served his country & was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his bravery. Tracy was a person with great compassion & love for everyone, no matter who. He loved his country, cared for his community & his neighborhood. Worked & cared for all he worked with at the Pine Bluff Arsenal. Tracy always made me feel loved & special.

When I first met Tracy he played pool, he didn't hunt or fish, just played pool. He was very good at it too, because he ranked fourth in the state of Arkansas. I also came to love the game too. We would travel all over the state playing in the APPA (Arkansas Pool Players Associate), & I really do miss that part of our life. I would not trade my time I spent with him for anything.

His kindness & love came through everyday of his life. Walking through life with him has been one of the greatest pleasures of this world. I will always miss him, but I thank our Lord that He gave him to me for 27 years. Tracy was my friend, my lover, & my husband. He was my all in every way. We spent wonderful times together & I will always cherish all the memories we made together & the memories of our love we had together. But most of all I will cherish memories of just being married to the man of my dreams.

With all my love your wife


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