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Poetry By Others Carol D Meeks

{Arranged In Alphabetical Order}

I'm sure you will enjoy scrolling through these wonderful poetry pages by others.

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Biography of Carol D Meeks

Carol D Meeks

I am a native New Mexican, and I belong to a poetry reading guild in Carlsbad, New Mexico. The group meets once a month, and it has helped me gain confidence getting up in front of people, sometimes too much confidence. I also am a member of the South West Writers that is home based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I was a bookkeeper at Brewer Oil Company for seventeen years. My husband, Pat, and I have two sons, Keith and Kipp. We have one grandchild, Tanner Clayton, who is the joy of our life. Pat was a school principal in Artesia, and after 38 years of public education, he and I retired, on November 16, 2001.

I have three honorable mentions at Bylines Magazine for short stories, one for a poem, and a special honorable mention for another poem. I feel like the honorable mention kid since I also own an honorable mention at Hodgepodge.

I have publications in: Kenya Blue, (featured poet); DDDD Publications, Poemagazine, Storyzine, The Rag, Herland's Flaming Tongues, Hodgepodge, Space Chapbook Volume I, The Artesia Daily Press, The Roswell Daily Record, Albuquerque Journal, The Sunburst, The Custer Chronicle, Inspirational Verses, Promise, and RB’s Poets’ Viewpoint, and Potpourri.

Retirement allows me to write and spend time with my family.

Carol D. Meeks


Our Actions Determine Our Fate
Carol D Meeks ©

He sits in a big comfy chair
In a large mansion in the sky
Overlaid with stars and angels in prayer,
in His realm, as He watches from on high.

He smiles down on His creation
Desiring only good for all mankind,
With prophets spreading His word of foundation,
So all men on earth can be refined.

His compassion cries out
To those who’ll heed
And admit and know
His salvation is what they need.

His judgment comes to those who turn away
Too busy for Him now, just time for play.
But they’ll bow their knees to Him someday
And wish sin had not been the path of their way.

Our actions do determine our fate,
To go or not go through His pearly gate.
For He truly is the Master.
We need to run to Him faster.
He Was The Savior
Carol D Meeks ©

He was the Savior
of the world,
to people that were ordinary;

His birth, a miracle,
like no other.

It was the pathway
to heaven
to all those that believed in Him
and accepted Him at His word.

He was the Savior.
He is the Savior.

Jesus, Our Lord!
Carol D Meeks ©

Jesus, our Lord, has many names.
He is our “Wonderful Counselor;
Wisdom beyond Solomon’s measure.
He chose to be known as “The Son of Man.”

Jesus, our Lord, has many names.
He is our “Mighty God.”
This tells us of His power and strength.
He chose to be known as “The Son of Man.”

Jesus, our Lord, has many names.
He is our “Everlasting Father.”
“Human, Divine, and Eternal” is “He.”
He chose to be known as “The Son of Man.”

Jesus, or Lord, has many names.
He is our “Prince of Peace.”
Peace from Him will last forever.
He chose to be known as “The Son of Man.”

“Holy, Holy, Holy” is He.
“Was, Is” and forever “Will Be.”
“Anointed, Everything’s That’s Grand>“
He chose to be known as “The Son of Man.”
Keep Me Near
By Carol D Meeks ©

Keep me near, Oh Lord!
And cleanse my heart each day.
I try so hard, but fear I err,
As hours lengthen my day.

Keep me near Oh Lord!
I can not manage alone.
Help me grow in Your image,
And inherit a heavenly home.

Most Precious Lord
By Carol D Meeks ©

You are my strength and song.
You sent prophets through the ages
That wrote down the desires of your heart
So we’d know right from wrong.

Now we read and study and pray,
To learn your word and grow each day.
In your image, we strive to grow
So blessings we’ll reap by what we sow.

Isaiah and his obedience
Gives me so much hope
For an eternal future
And trials to cope.

And when you come,
If on earth I’m still here,
May I always be a part of your
Why Euphoria Wed Gloom
By Carol D Meeks ©

In its way, gloom was
good, but to soothe those
whose gladness had ceased was
all it understood.

Its traits were weeping
with tender sympathy for
those who wept, and its
allure of light, spotted among
the forest tree branches,
came creeping at night.

Stuff happens;
Breeds worry,
anguish, and gloom
depression sets in, sorrow thrives
those needs, it heeds, for
pleasure there's no room.

Now Euphoria was a beauty indeed
couldn't comprehend sad ones in need.

The grass on the forest floor
became greener when Euphoria
did sing,
the smell of roses
grew stronger, raised their
arms to The King.

Euphoria is all bliss,
Pleasure and glee
(is really quite shallow)
transports great contentment
like honey to a bee and
candles burn wicks of tallow.

Euphoria is summer mornings,
radiant beauty of a
child. It walks as a
ruler whose never tasted defeat
in battle-grounds
by air or those
marched by the mile.


Then, something changed
when they met by pure chance
Euphoria couldn't grasp the sadness
in glooms eyes; gloom saw only
darkness; didn't understand the
sweet melodies Euphoria danced.

Salvation overwhelmed them
they both sensed a new birth
as the Master overshadowed them
with new paths on this earth.

From there they walked
together hand in hand
Euphoria became the bride
gloom became her man.

You have to have joy to
understand pain and sorrow
and grow in His image; together
you can face tomorrow.

Degrees Of Vapor
Carol D Meeks ©

Our lives are
as vapor
only a short time here.

Will yours be
a gaseous fume,
or a sweet smelling mist?
My Dolly!
Carol D Meeks ©

Her boots eat-up her hose
but the smile on her face
is awesome like a rose,

I can cradle my inner thoughts
to her anytime of day.
Whatever I say to her,
she thinks it's o.k.

She's my best friend.
Has been since birth.
She grew up with me,
More than gold, she's worth.

She decorates my bed
during bright day hours,
is my pajama partner
after bedtime showers.

She's old like me, but
in quite good shape.
If we ever parted, my
heart would break.

My Dolly, My Dolly,
she'll always be.

My Future’s Bright
By Carol D Meeks ©

Today, my future’s bright.
I tired of wrestling down the night.
All these months of toil and strife,
Cut me deeper than a knife.

My future now lays before you.
I truly do adore you.

For you’ve held me in your hand
When my stress I could not stand.

You sustained me.
You comforted me.
You renewed my faith and soul.
I know you’ll carry me as I grow old.

When my heart was broken.
You indeed, were my love token.
You understood my silence and shame.
Not I, but my heart, called on your name.

To bow my head and pray was hard.
My hurt was deep and thick as lard.
As Shepherd to me, you were so brave.
In my heart, you’re all I rave.

Because of you, my future’s bright.
My eyes look up to you this night.
Death’s Victory
By Carol D Meeks ©

We shall see
Death’s victory
For death is not our end.

We’re bathed in peace
When our walk here
On earth does cease.

We’ll have
A short-time slumber
Then go to a heavenly home,
And we’ll never again roam.

We’ll see
Death’s victory.
We’ll wake eternally.

We’ll conquer death
When Jesus comes
And takes us home.

Busy Ado, Keeps Us From You!!!
By Carol D Meeks ©

Weary at night, we sure might be,
If we feel we have failed Thee.
A schedule so full with much ado
Kept us away from devotions and you.

Forgiveness now we sure do ask.
Failure and dismay-please-don’t last.
We close our eyes and fall asleep;
Peace for us, He gives, we seek.

We promise tomorrow, we’ll find time
In a quiet place, search The Divine.
A job, two children, a party to go;
Such an honor, these people, to know.

When at last, our head does rest
Upon our pillow, we did our best
To bring a bonus from those we work.
We’ll try at morning with coffee’s perk.

Day after day we follow this routine.
Hustle and bustle, a busy scene.
The Savior stands, oversees our strife.
And we want our name in the Book of Life.
Blessings Flow and Flow
Carol D Meeks ©

Sunshine visited
us as parents: Keith and Kipp
they are God's flowers

we nurtured them
loaned to us by The King
our sons: Keith and Kipp

Sunshine visited
us again as grandparents
Heir---Tanner Clayton

The Fifth Wheel
By Carol D Meeks ©


a divorcee
in a married world

a flat tire
on your brand new car

a pay raise to one
when five work there

too much month
not enough money

a diamond ring on
an enlarged finger

Christians in a
"world" work place

and bosses who
don't care.

So Why Marry an English Instructor?

I matured in age an English teacher I wed.

In my growing up years, the educator of language was dull, boring, a prerequisite to high school graduation and college entry.

So why marry an English instructor? The short stories, the poetry, the prose, the hardship of exclamations of such, over and above the understanding of high school students dating. The activities of fun and games; this social life.

So why marry an English instructor?
Sparks flew as we wrote new poems. Simple poems grew into prose and short stories we lived and loved and shared, establishing word orders of our own.

Many new activities embarked. And rearranging the love of words changed to motherhood, laundry, becoming a noted pie baker. Excellence in cherry pie, pecan pie, blueberry pie with flaky, scrumptious crust.

An English teacher I wed with ending years in sight. The flour and dough and rolling pen waxed heavy. Many more pies to bake, no longer concerned with a lingering taste of the mouth, but words dancing onto the page with rhythm and meter.

Words that flow and swing with a tempo to ease the pulse of the reader, to soothe possible pain by the reader, and to raise and uplift the reader to everlasting peace or joy or knowledge with crust of understanding, harmony, friendship, and tranquillity.

Why did I marry an English instructor? WE stirred common grounds. We baked the same pies. We kneaded the same dough, and we mixed the batter done. Then we licked the platter clean. We wrote the same stories, poems, prose, odes. We shared life in the kitchen and in the world of dreams.

Carol D. Meeks

A Safari Legend’s History

Usually They tip the scale around 16 ounces, Give or take the arranger’s draft, To please the owner’s scheme In plush colors changed from brown to black. The sun opened and closed its eyes, And one hundred years capped the horizon, Since life for him was spared And compassion pierced the heart Of a hunter. The news traveled so fast. His fame showcased his past. A cartoonist started the plot In newspapers that were bought. This hunter’s memento grew in demand By a candy store maker sewed with her hand. The price was just fine Everywhere-ones standing in line TO OWN (“this fuzzy-eared,” “buttoned-eyed,” “elongated-arms”) Bundle of fuss That made crying young ones hush. He delighted their hearts of young Sister, daughter, brother, son Some wore buttons in one ear They grew in popularity every year. A toy company was erected Their reputation was quite broad All children’s lives were affected From this hunting trip with roots so odd

A chief executive spared his prey. His prey found life in children’s hearts at play. His spared prey-The Teddy Bear. The chief executive-Theodore Roosevelt.

Carol D. Meeks



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