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Poetry By Others Agatha Lai

{Arranged In Alphabetical Order}

I'm sure you will enjoy scrolling through these wonderful poetry pages by others.

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Biography of Agatha Lai

Agatha Lai

I am Agatha Lai; a Malaysian. Both my husband and I are retired teachers. I have three children and four grand-children; one added only yesterday 15.11.2002, a grand son. Praise be to God!

My favourite hobby after retirement is learning to use the computer and writing. I write to Catholic Sabah regularly. I only started to write poems in the year 2001, when I visited some websites; so I am still a novice in poetry writing.

I enjoy the internet world and glad I have come to know so many wonderful people, one of whom is Patricia. I would like to know more friends by and by. Agatha


By Agatha Lai 2002

A small white house in a quiet town
With lots of trees whispering around.
A garden at my back yard
There I grow tomatoes , long beans for salad
My family around me at dinner time.
Sometimes we recite hymns that rhymes.

A day outing with a friend so dear.
Together we discuss life's wear and tear.
An old church or may be a new one
There I spend my time with those holy ones.

Story books, both religious or fictional.
Reading can make you inspirational.
The stars shining bright at night
To gladden our hearts with its beautiful sight.

Sunshine or rain, a rainbow and pretty things.
I do love a voice that sings.
These can lift me off my daily load.
While I travel down life's weary road.
To Space
By Agatha Lai

From the earth I rose
I have forgotten the time.
The age I was born
Never was a moment to lose.
Going to hidden places.
In search of truth and myteries

I enjoyed flying through the air.
Gliding and swooping and flying
Like a bird without wings
Sometimes into the thick clouds
Sometimes into a fathomless pit of space
With such speed, as in a race.

Sometimes I could almost touch a star
It was not that distant and far
I would, if I could.
And I think I should,
gather a few to decorate my Christmas tree.
So I had no need to go on a shopping spree.

Here I could get my star.
It was easy as eating chocholate bar.
Take any pick from heaven.
Your pockets would be laden.
For it was a starry night
And stars were a twinkling delight.

Too late! No time to do stars hunting!
I reeled as my space ship hit the hard surface
My space ship struck the landing
On the land of golden mars.
On the land of the distant star.
The one from earth we stared.
I, emerging from a forgotten dream
into a twilight zone!
I tried to pry beyond my space ship.
Indeed i could only but peep.
At the darkness outside.
I could see earth, in its strange atmosphere.

I felt hazy; swarming thoughts crowded my mind.
Slowly realisations dawned upon me
I was on a land of the alien.
A land of the defiant.
I was far away from mother earth
The land of my birth

I was, beyond the reach of my loved ones
Beyond my comfort zone and human touch.

My mind chaotic
Bewildered and yearning!
It was not meant to be like this.
So unreal, so pathetic and I was like a lunatic..
A lone human in the outer space
floating, struggling and sometimes walking pace by pace.

What if I could not go back?
What if I forever float?
In a land of non - existence.
In outer space.
The meer thought was the last straw.
The conclusion I could not draw

Life and death was far away
Here , night was like day
Life was like death.
For I didn't know if I was alive or dead.
For it was the twilight zone
A non existing zone!

But I am existing
I am breathing
I am living;
I am waking and not dreaming!
I am not beyond suffering and pain
Sure as the wind and the rain.

How do I know ?

Because I pinched myself awake.
It was meerly a dream.
Outside the rain is still heavy.
The wind blew through my windows and sighed.
It was a cold, cold night!

By Agatha Lai 2002

To the unknown that has not been explored or seldom trodden upon.

There, the wild grass grows profusely and untidily,
competing for space in a green world of forliage,
shrubs, weeds and thick undergrowth.
Some unnamed small wild flowers peep above the grass,
dancing merrily in the breeze.

We should be happy,
there's still such a wilderness unspoilt but by storms and floods.
Men by-pass them, taking the paved paths the open road;
Appreciating flowers blooming in a pot, in a garden;
trees and plants well pruned.

These tender flowers cannot survive in the wilderness,in the untamed world.

Here, in the wilderness,
live hundreds and thousands of birds, repiles, animals and insects.
It is a world created by God, unspoiled by men.

So do wander off to the wilderness!
Here, you will see unexpected delight,
such as the calls of birds, the hoots of owls
and the howls of the wolves and the chirping of insects.

It is by no means tame!
It is even dangerous to wander off to the woods.
But, there's freedom, there's beauty of the unexplored,
like the unsung songs of spring.
It is as if mother nature is lurking somewhere
protective of its living creatures;
every tree, every shrub and every flower;
menacing and yet protective, from the advance of men.

And still we wander off to the wilderness!

Here,we can commune with nature and be part of it.
We feel the caress of the breeze and breathe in
the fragrant air; the sun, warm on our faces and hands,
the sweats drip down our necks and brows.

Let peace sip into your heart!
The Sea
By Agatha Lai

Beside the shore all alone.
I look at the wide, wide sea.
Sitting recline on a big stone
I listen to the waves and the sea.

The waves, they break into ripples.
And their wavelets are like dimples.
Below the blue sky, the sea gulls fly.
One calls and the rest reply.

I say to the waves," Stay! stay!
Let me play with you today."
Away they roll one splash after the other
Not a second delay!

It is rushing, tearing all day and night,
The sea of great might!
Now they come up, now they go down!
The waves shatter the silence of the sky!

The sea is bright in the dancing light.
Of a million, million gleams.
It fills my heart with delight
And rocks me in my dreams.

By Agatha Lai

It is good to find the ordinary things in life fun. If we can enjoy what we are doing daily, we carry happiness around with us and have what we call the shine-shine quality. I will start with our family life at home.

There we have our loved ones around us; our parents, brothers, sisters , spouse and children. They are the treasure of our life. Spending time with them together at home is part of our life.

Next I enjoy my daily meals. We eat well to be fit and strong , to face the many challenges in life , the many ups and downs, its fretfulness, to face them squarely with positive thinking and a sense of humour. We also eat healthy meals to keep bad cholesterol and high blood level at bay.

If you enjoy your work, then there will be no problem in your life . If you don't , try to get round it for there are more than one ways to place fun and work side by side . If you fail to do that , find out why you fail and tackle it again after a nights good rest. If it is not as simple as that, talk to somebody see if he can help.

It is important to relax our bodies and mind after a days hard-work. We take a rest, have meals, chat with our family then we can screw to the screen for football, comics and our daily movie .

Some find reading Bible very fulfilling.

During weekend, we go out to do shopping, sit round the park or go jogging for health.

For us Christians, we go to Novena , Holy Mass or do church activities to satisfy our need for spiritual life.

Our earth is beautiful for God created it so. I always enjoy the sunrise ( I dont always get up early enough for it, though .) , sunsets, green pastures, trees and grass, the sea , the birds and flowers.

Take advantage of what nature has to offer. They are for free!

Our mental state is very important too. I try to think positive thoughts ; see the good in people not try to find faults with them,; make excuses for our enemies for they like us find it hard to love their enemies.

I think it is essential to Keep our life clean . It helps to go to confession if otherwise.

Remember Jesus asks us to forgive others seven times seventy-two.

above all welcome Jesus into your life for He wants us to.

If we can enjoy the ordinary things in life, we own happiness. We dont know what is happiness until we lose it.
The Rainbow and the Stars
By Agatha Lai

It was the rainbow that gave me love.
Every lovely hue a tale to tell.
The rainbow and the stars above
Never mingle and yet in the same sky they dwell.

Yonder green trees keep me company
To see me through each lovely day!
Or would that you were here with me
But you are so many thousands miles away!

The wind that leaves the doors ajar.
Finds comfort in the whispering leaves.
Now that we , from each other are afar
Will you sing me a lovely song , green sleeves?

My rainbow sends me wishes of gold.
From stars that shine like fire.
It repeats and sings stories untold
Praises , songs , poems from lips that never tire.

It was the rainbow that gave me love.
Every lovely hue a tale to tell.
The rainbow and the stars above
I can see them ; I never need to say farewell!

By Agatha Lai

Brown leaves , green leaves and yellow leaves
All sorts of leaves fall before my eyes.
A gentle breeze carries them gently up,
Up to the air and down to the earth again.

When this scene I behold
From my house's threshold,
It makes me smile at the wonder of it all.
To be like the leaves that fall.

To the grass To the pavement
To the ponds To the streams,
In summer's time or fall,

A scene I watch
as I silently stand by my window sill,
A figure so pensive and still.



Updated 1/25/2007

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