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It's not uncommon for British bands, even those on small record labels, to attract interest outside the U.K. quite quickly. Should you be offered any gigs or tours abroad, here's some basic advice. This may seem obvious, but ensure that all members of the band have current passports! The tour or engagement should be covered by a written contract (in English) and this contract should be vetted by, for example, the Musicians Union's National Office. It would be difficult for anyone to assist you in recovering any unpaid fees, either by legal action or Trade Union representation, if they haven't seen the contract in the first place. Fees should never be less than those paid in the U.K. for similar performances. If you're working with a new Promoter it's wise to ask for some sort of deposit in advance and further payments should be made promptly during the tour at the times specified in the contract.

All travelling expenses from the U.K. to the country abroad, in that country and return must be paid by the Promoter. Once again, it's wise to try and get these pre paid. Accommodation is normally provided by the Promoter and where this consists of bed and breakfast, an additional subsistence payment should be paid to each musician. These payments are commonly referred to as Per Diems and should not be less than 50 per day. Work permits are required in all non-EU countries. The responsibility for fixing work permits rests with the Promoters of the tour in the country abroad, but you should ensure that permits have been granted before leaving the U.K. Be warned! Many bands have been turned back by immigration officials for not having work permits.

There's always the possibility of illness or accident during the time you're abroad and you should therefore ensure that you're covered for medical treatment. For full details of medical services available in other countries you should contact International Services on 0645 254811 (local rate) or 0191 225 4811. If you're travelling out by van it's sensible to join the AA/RAC/GREENFLAG and take advantage of their free advice on motoring abroad.

Finally, if you're taking along your favourite AC30, etc, ensure that you have information concerning plugs, power supply and all things electrical for the countries you'll be visiting.

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