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Support Band

Trust me.
We'll let you know.
Your cheque's in the mail.
He's in a meeting.
He's out to lunch.
He's got two calls waiting.
I'll call you on Monday.
I'll get right back to you.
You can depend on me.
Don't worry, it's taken care of.
That's what everyone's paying.
Of course I remember you.
Didn't you get my message?
We've been having some troubles with our phones.
My agent will take care of it.
Sounds good to me.
I'm sure it will work.
We'll definitely come and see you play.
Don't worry, you'll be the headliner.
The record company is totally behind this.
The band drinks free.
Someone will be there early to let you in.
Your tickets are at the door.
The show starts at eight.
We'll have it ready before tonight.
I checked it myself.
You won't find it cheaper anywhere else.
The booking is definite.
Of course you'll get a completed contract before the gig.
There's plenty of power.
There will be lots of roadies when you get there.
We'll have the flyers printed tomorrow.
You won't have any trouble finding the place.
I've played there before.
We'll have plenty of time for a sound check.
They never do a sound check.
The club will be glad to let you use their PA and lights.
He'll work the door for us tonight.
You won't have to play any covers or requests.
The roadie took care of it.
If it breaks we'll fix it free.
Yes, the spotlight will be on you during your solos.
I've been playing for 20 years.
My last band had a record deal but we broke up before recording the album.
I just use this little amp for small gigs.
Don't worry.
It'll be perfectly safe if you leave it here.
We have a great tour lined up for you next month.
There are T-shirts for everybody.
They sound much better with the new singer.
We can turn down the volume if it's too loud.
Sure, it sounds fine at the back of the hall.
We'll fix it in the mix.
The hall sounds much better when it's full.
You'll have a large, comfortable heated dressing room.
This is one of Jimi's old Strats.
He swore he'd bring the limo back in an hour.
I know we'll get some applause after the next tune.
The place was packed.
We'll have you back.
We'll make it up to you next time.
Nobody reads the reviews anyway.
Of course you'll get paid, you're the support act

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