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Touring In Europe - What to Pack

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What follows is a list of all you’ll need in order to have a successful tour in Europe and not break your back doing it. As you'll see, the items included on this list are all necessary when touring Europe for an extended period (at least three weeks). Remember: what you can pack for three weeks will last you three months - so if your tour is longer than three weeks then pack for three weeks.

Just simply wash your clothes and replace those other small essentials at any market while continuing your tour in Europe. I've made some assumptions as to what you may need to tour, but I strongly encourage you not to pack anything further than what's on this list (unless you cannot absolutely live without it for a few weeks for which you perhaps should consider some serious couch time with your analyst).

t Small sample-sized toiletries. Keep them in a separate plastic bag to avoid spills
t 3 pairs of socks & underwear
t 3 coloured T-shirts
t Small towel
t Small alarm clock (battery)
t Hat or cap
t Sunglasses
t 1 pair of shorts
t 1 pair of blue jeans
t 1 Sweatshirt, 1 pair of boots/shoes, 2 Performing Shirts - for club, pub gigs
t 1 Pair of black jeans - or whatever you wear for club, pub gigs
t 1 Pair of black shoes - or whatever you wear for club, pub gigs
t 1 Swiss Army Knife *
t 1 Disposable Camera *
t 1 Passport
t 1 Railpass (if desired)
t 1 Plane ticket
t 1 Youth Hostel card
t 1 Drivering licence
t 1 Credit Card (for emergency purposes)
t 1 Phone Card
t 1 Watch
t 1 Budget Travel Guide *
t 1 Decent Map of Europe *
t Traveller’s Cheques
t 100 cash - (Safety money! Don’t spend it.)
t 50 worth of foreign currency of destination country (enough to get you going)
t Small roll of toilet paper (useful for many reasons)
t Extra contact lenses/glasses
t Rain Poncho (A must!!)
t Small folding umbrella
t Small mirror *
t Pen & small notebook
t Small pocket calculator *
t Pen-sized flashlight *
t Small bag of first aid items (Band Aids; Aspirin; Vitamins; Alka Seltzer; Sun Block; Bismuth; Other personal health and sanitary items as needed)
t Small cup
t Walkman & a few tapes/CDs of cover tunes you’ll be performing *
t Phrasebook *
t Small traveller’s pouch (useful for keeping documents and cash inside your shirt/jeans at all times!)
t Bed sheet or sleeping bag
t Promo Materials
t Comb
t Health, Equipment, Event and other important Insurance & Carnet Information
t Small Hot Water Heating Rod (for tea & coffee) *
t Small Insect Repellent *
t Student ID (if applicable - can be helpful for discounts)
t Flip-flop sandals (for showers and room)
t Rolling Luggage. (Forget the backpack thing).
t Plastic bag for dirty laundry.

* Items that should be shared.


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