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The average audience will notice more than your music alone. People will first notice your presence on stage. Then they'll notice what you look like and first appearances are very important. Finally, people will notice your music and what you sound like.

Knowing your audience is a very important concept to understand and easier to explain with an example. Imagine your band playing two separate shows on the same weekend. The first night is at a University night club filled with students in their twenties. The second night is band night at a local night club. Now the students want alternative rock, classic rock, a little metal and hard rock, music that you may think brings a band much credibility. Now, back at the local night club, the audience will want fun, fun, fun! Never mind anything alternative or remotely heavy because it won't work. So adjust your set list and include nothing but standard rock and roll and classic rock that everybody knows and remembers and can sing along with. You won't lose credibility and you'll gain respect from your audience.

The audience will love the band on both nights, whether you play credible music or not. So as a band do you choose to have a great night every night and get to play more often by knowing your audience a little better or are you limiting yourself and your band otherwise? Now, on the other hand, you don’t take your top 40 set list to a punk rock show or you'll 'DIE!' And if you're strictly a metal band would there have been any doubt about the kind of music you were going to play? Would you have been invited to both gigs? Think about it, your band is only limited by your knowledge of the audience, presence on stage, appearances and music.

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