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How large is your following? How many people have bought your most recent CD? How much press has your music received? How many shows did you play last year? How many people visit your website each day? All of these questions figure into the Buzz Factor.

Labels will hear about you in a smaller market if you've effectively created a buzz. Suppose you play constantly throughout the Midlands and areas outside your local market. Suppose that with each stop and each new city you sell a lot of copies of your new CD, and even better, you build a loyal fan-base in those cities that will continue to come to your shows and buy your new releases with each and every visit you make there. Labels will take note of this fast. They're not stupid. They'll want a piece of that action and if you've created a buzz like this to tip them off (A&R scouts reside in a number of major markets - and some small ones, too - and they do hear about what's going on locally), they'll start coming to your shows with contracts in hand. Guaranteed.

So, send your CD to local and national press for review and stick the positive reviews in your visually-appealing press kit. Book as many shows as you can outside your local market and build a strong fan-base. You'll be suprised at who starts calling you back and who shows up at your gigs.

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