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Cancelling A Gig

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This list is not complete by any means, but it contains some of the most important and obvious things to do or don't do when cancelling a gig.


Do get in touch with the owner/manager of the establishment the minute you find out you are unable to make your scheduled gig.

Do apologize and offer an explanation.

Do offer an alternative - another group or person you've heard/ seen and is reliable and a compliment to the gig.

Do carry a mobile phone and a list of contacts in case you have car trouble, an accident or get stuck in traffic.

Do keep in touch with others so you know people who can fill in for you in an emergency.

Do follow up with the establishment to see how the gig was and then offer other dates you're available to perform.


Don't lie. Be upfront and honest.

Don't wait any length of time to say you can't play an upcoming gig. If you know two weeks in advance of the gig that you need to cancel, then get the ball rolling with your phone calls, e-mails and whatever you need to do to cover yourself.

Don't be cocky with the club owner or manager about not being able to perform your scheduled gig.

Don't suggest an alternative to perform who has a "bad reputation" or is not reliable.

In closing, DO be prepared and DON'T think this can never happen as we're all capable of losing our voice or getting a flat tyre.

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