My Favorite Martian

29 September 1963 - 4 September 1966, CBS
My Favorite Martian is a half-hour sitcom about a Martian whose spaceship crash lands on Earth and who moved in with the reporter who witnessed the crash landing and found its pilot. With Bill Bixby as Tim O'Hara, reporter for the fictional Los Angeles Sun; Ray Walston as the Martian, who took the name Martin O'Hara (Tim's uncle) at the end of the pilot episode when he settled in; Pamela Britton as Mrs. Lorelei Brown, Tim's befuddled landlady; and Alan Hewitt as Lt. Bill Brennan, a police detective. Jack Chertok produced the series, of which 107 episodes were made.

During the first season, Mrs. Brown's teenage daughter Angela (Ann Marshall) was a cast member, apparently as a possible enticement to Tim. But this never really worked and she was replaced for the remainder of the series by Lt. Brennan, boyfriend to Mrs. Brown, the landlady downstairs. Brennan was suspicious of both Tim & Uncle Martin...he didn't know what they were up to but he was sure it was illegal somehow. Meanwhile, Uncle Martin took a liking to Mrs. Brown himself, so the feeling toward Brennan was mutual.

There was also a Saturday morning cartoon called "My Favorite Martians" (8 September 1973 - 30 August 1975 on CBS). It was derived from the 1963 sitcom, but in the cartoon version, there were three Martians who were discovered by 2 Earthlings, roughly based on the 1963 series, but none of the actors returned to do the voices.

Recently, a movie version of the tv series was made (1999), starring Christopher Lloyd of Back To The Future and the new Addams Family movies. Walston had a role in it as a Man In Black hunting down Martian; but Bill Bixby had already passed away.

My Favorite Martian (the 1999 movie) is seen on various Starz/Encore channels including
Starz Comedy, Starz Kids and Family, Wam! and Starz

My Favorite Martian was made by Desilu Studios. When the series ended in 1966, Desilu made a pilot for a new tv series called Star Trek. Ironically, one of Ray Walston's most recognized roles with science fiction fans would be as Boothsby in episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Voyager. Bill Bixby would go on to star in The Incredible Hulk and The Magician
Episodes of My Favorite Martian are showing on AmericanLife TV Network, formerly the GoodLife TV Network and The Nostalgia Channel, a cable television network

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