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NASA TV: Space Shuttle Discovery Mission
NASA's space shuttle Discovery lifts off soon on STS-92, an International Space Station assembly flight. This flight will mark the 100th shuttle mission to date, and the statistics are impressive: when Discovery is launched, the space shuttle will have launched about 1.36 million kilograms (3,000,000 pounds) of cargo into space, not to mention 596 passengers!
The shuttle has supported two space stations; made three maintenance flights to the Hubble Space Telescope; launched planetary missions to study Jupiter, Venus and the Sun; and conducted hundreds of studies of the effects of weightlessness on materials, plants, animals and human beings in onboard laboratories. Check out the minute-by-minute pre-launch preparations on NASA TV -
Shuttle lands in California for 1st time in 4 years due to high winds in Florida, 10-24-00

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Or click here to find out what astronomers say to look for in the sky tonight

"When Werner von Braun headed the Marshall Space Flight Center, he received letters from all over the world and had a number of secretaries to compose standard replies. Sometimes von Braun would scribble a few words in the margins of the 'form letters.' On one occasion, a college student wrote asking about the future of space flight; the secretaries wrote a cautious and formal reply, pointing out the risks, boredom and uncertainties of this new field, suggesting that the student consider all alternatives. Von Braun scratched through the cautious reply and scribbled, 'Come with us! We're going to the moon!'" (Houston Hodges, in Ecunet [database online], (Huntsville Times), [cited 7 September 1994], meeting name: Bottom Drawer, file name: A000000T.MSG.)

Lots of interesting and wierd stuff this month on the History channel, as well as
Leonard Nimoy's In Search Of tv series

Videos available:
Apollo 13 (1995)
Apollo 13: The Untold Story (1995)
October Sky (1999)

NASA tests Ion propulsion space probe described in a Star Trek episode in 1967

Mars Back on NASA's Radar

One Final, Cheap Shot at Space
Only one group remains in the CATS contest to launch a 2-kilogram payload to an altitude of 200 kilometers. A team of rocketeers from Huntsville, Alabama, is busily counting down to its late October launch.

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