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Enter The Dragon (1973)

(From Joe Bob's Ultimate B Movie Guide)

Enter The Dragon This is simply the best, most colorful kung fu film ever made, with nonstop action, lavish sets, and Bruce Lee looking more spectacular than in any of his other films. The fight sequences include truly amazing flip kicks, lightning paralyzing punches, and cast-of-thousand scenes in the streets of Hong Kong which illustrate why Lee was and is the finest action superhero in the history of film (not to mention the sexiest). It was completed just before Lee's death from a brain hemorrhage at age 32. With John Saxon, Jim Kelly, Ahna Capri. 4 stars

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Black Belt Jones (1974)

After the unexpected success of Enter the Dragon, producers Fred Weintraub and Paul Heller contracted black belt champion Jim Kelly for another martial arts thriller to cash in on the current craze. (Bruce Lee had recently died and Kelly was the logical replacement). The result is a blaxploitation/Kung Fu hybrid that pits Kelly, a martial arts instructor in Watts, against the Mafia. Don't miss the climatic battle set in a car wash and look for Gloria Hendry and Scatman Crothers in supporting roles.

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