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8 September 1973 - 30 August 1975 (including reruns), NBC This Saturday-morning cartoon version of the 1966-1969 science fiction series featured the voices of seven of Star Trek's principals: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelly, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, Majel Barrett, and James Doohan. Walter Koenig was replaced by 2 new (alien) bridge crew members. Many of the episodes were sequels to stories originally televised on the prime-time series, by the same writers. Norm Prescott and Lou Scheimer produced the half-hour series. TV Land was running most of the episodes in order but does not have any scheduled this month.

1. More Tribbles, More Troubles: David Gerrold's sequel to his ep The Trouble With Tribbles
2. The Infinite Vulcan written by Walter Koenig: a scientist captures the perfect subject to produce his clone army, Spock
3. Yesteryear by D.C. Fontana: Spock uses the ancient Time Guardian portal to help himself as a child
4. Beyond The Farthest Star (same author as ST ep Where No Man Has Gone): They find an alien aboard an ancient plant-like ship
5. The Survivor: similar plot to ST ep Mantrap, only this time it's aboard the Enterprise and in love with a crew member
6. The Lorelei Signal: When a strange audio wave entrances all males, the female crewmembers have to take over the Enterprise to find the source on a nearby planet, making Lt. Uhura ship captain. Based on an ancient sea-farer's myth
7. One Of Our Planets Is Missing: similar plot to ST ep The Immunity Syndrome
8. Mudd's Passion: still peddling his love potion, Mudd (Roger C. Carmel)'s 3rd and final ST appearence
9. The Magicks Of Megas-Tu: are a race once hunted as witches and demons on Earth
10. Time Trap: Though still deadly enemies, The Enterprise and a Klingon ship must work together to escape a Bermuda Triangle in space
11. Slaver Weapon by Larry Niven: Spock, Sulu and Uhura are sent after an ancient weapon
12. Jihad: Kirk, Spock and an alien team must stop a holy war by religious fanatics from starting against the Federation, and one may be in their team already
13. The Ambergris Element: the Federation makes contact with an under-water race. Episode is set under water, predating the similar Voyager ep.
14. Once Upon A Planet: sequel to Sturgeon's "Shore Leave" finds the Caretaker dead and the planet running itself without restrictions
15. The Terratin Incident: the crew is shrinking and soon will be unable to reach controls panels in the Enterprise
16. The Eye Of The Beholder: Kirk, Spock and McCoy become zoo specimens in semi-remake of "The Cage", only this time the super-intelligent aliens are similar in size and shape to elephants
17. BEM by David Gerrold: Cloud-like creatures test the crew for worthiness to join their Federation
18. Albatross: McCoy is arrested for causing mass murder 19 years ago
19. The Pirates Of Orion: who steal a medicine Spock needs to live
20. Practical Joker: The Enterprise computer becomes literally insane, playing increasingly cruel jokes on the crew, and then on 3 nearby Romulan ships, who promptly attack
21. How Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth: An alien considered a god by ancient Mayans in Mexico plans his return, to rule Earth
22. The Counter-Clock Incident: a mirror / negative universe where everyone grows younger by the day leaves an elderly admiral on the Enterprise the only adult aboard

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