Recipes - Cakes, Puddings, Sweets

Puddings, Pies, Cakes, Cookies, Biscuits and other Sweets recipes which have been posted on my Researching Food History blog or Culinary History Online website.

Cakes, Cookies, Biscuits

Angel food
Angel Food Cake
Beet Biscuits
Black Cake, Christmas Cake
Blueberry Cakes
Blueberry Cakes blog
Brown-eyed Susan cake
Chantilly Cake
Chiffon Cake
Chocolate Puffs
Chocolate Puffs blog
Citron Cake
Coffee Cake
Cranberry Muffins
Cup Cakes
Cup Cakes blog
Easter Cake
Election Cake
Election Cake
Fortune Cookies
Gingerbread – Buckwheat honey
Gingerbread Rolls and Nuts
Harrison Cake
Horse Cakes
Huckleberry Pudding (Cake)
Ice Cream Cake
Jackson Jumbles
Lady Baltimore Cake
Lafayette Cake
Lafayette Gingerbread
Lincoln Cake
Madison Cake
Neapolitan Cakes
New Years Cake
New York Cakes
Picnic Cakes
Pilgrim Cake
Pyramid (layer cakes)
Queen Cakes
Queen Cakes and Patty Pans
Savoy Cake
Savoy Cakes, Jefferson
Seed Cakes, little
Shortbread, Petticoat Tails
Spring Cake
Strawberry Cakes
Twelfth Night Cake
Twelfth Night Cake blog
Washington Cake blog, details
Washington Cake
Washington Cake
Washington Pie (Cake of leftover pieces)
Washington Pie (Cake, multilayers with jelly or cream filling)
Washington Pie (Cake, layers)
Waverly Jumbles
Wedding Cake
1,2,3,4 Cake ; Numbers Cake

Pies, Puddings

Banana Pudding
Beet Pie
Black-eyed Susan pudding
Blueberry Puddings
Blueberry Batter Pudding
Burnt Custard
Chocolate Pudding
Chocolate Tart
Christmas Pie (Yorkshire)
Coffins (Pies)
Fayette Pudding
Huckleberry Pudding (Cake)
Lemon pudding
Lumbardy Tarts (Beets)
Mince Pie
Peacock Pie
Peach Cobbler, Pot-Pie
Pilgrim Pudding
Plum pudding s
Plum Pudding
Potato Pudding (White) and Yam
Pumpkin pie poem
Pumpkin Pie (Grated)
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Army pie
Pumpkin and Squash Pie
Pumpkins, stuffed
Rhubarb Pudding, Spring Pudding
Rice Pudding, Belvidere
Tyler Pudding
Washington Pie (Cake of leftover pieces)
Washington Pie (Cake, multilayers with jelly or cream filling)
Washington Pie (Cake)
Yorkshire Pie (Christmas)

Ice Creams

Baked Alaska
Black-eyed Susan sundae
Chocolate Ices
Citron melon
Ice Cream Cake
Neapolitan and Harlequin
Nesselrode Pudding
Snow Cream (Ice Cream made from snow)
Ice creams

Other Sweets

Apple Tansey
Bamboo, pickled
Beignets, Balloon Fritters
Blueberry Compote
Bourbon balls – Ky.
Chocolate – Almonds, ‘Burnt’, Cream, Ices, Tart
Chocolate – frozen
Chocolate Hearts
Cocoa, Broma
Citron Cake
Citron melon, candied
Citron Melon
Citron melons
Donuts, Fastnachts, Kinklings
Faschtnachts (Donuts)
Fairy Butter, Orange Butter
Fish Pond
Graham crackers
Gooseberry Fool
Hartshorn - Jelly, Flummery, Cream
Honey (buckwheat) gingerbread
Honey – Pickled Pumpkins
Huckleberries with crackers and cream
Molasses Candy, Taffy
Oranges filled with Jelly
Peaches, brandied
Peach Ice Cream
Pumpkin Chips
Pumpkin Chips – Gold Nuggets
Pumpkin – pickled with honey
Pumpkin Waffles
Spun Sugar
Wafer, Gaufres, Cornets, Cones

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