Election Cake

Election Cakes, which appeared in the first cookbook by an American, Amelia Simmons, were labeled 'old fashioned' in Child’s 1830 "The Frugal Housewife" and by 1850, in Beecher, they were at least '100 years old.' New England sites appeared in several titles such as Old Hartford Election Cake, Connecticut Election Cake and even one Salem Election Cake [in "Buckeye Cookery" with Old Hartford Election Cake]. Other authors who included Election Cakes ranged from Eliza Leslie, 1840, Esther Howland, 1845, F.I. Gillette, 1887 and Fannie Farmer, 1896. One book, "Hartford Election Cake and Other Receipts chiefly from Manuscript Sources," Hartford, 1889, listed eleven different Election Cakes and Election Cake Yeast receipts.

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Hartford Election Cake and Other Receipts cheifly from Manuscript sources. Ellen Johnson. Hartford: 1889 11 cakes and EC yeast receipts
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The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book by Farmer, Fannie Merritt. 1896 ELECTION CAKE [1 cup bread dough]
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