Fairy and Orange Butters

To make Fairy-Butter.

TAKE the yolks of two hard eggs, and beat them in a marble mortar, with a large spoonful of orange-flower water, and two tea spoonfuls of fine sugar beat to powder ; beat this all together till it is a fine paste, then mix it up with about as much fresh butter out of the churn, and force it through a fine strainer full of little holes into a plate. This is a pretty thing to set off a table at supper.

To make Orange-Butter.

TAKE the yolks of ten eggs beat very well, half a pint of Rhenish, six ounces of sugar, and the juice of three sweet oranges; set them over a gentle fire, stirring them one way till it is thick. When you take it off, stir in a piece of butter as big as a large walnut.

The art of cookery made plain and easy by Hannah Glasse. London: 1784