Queen Cakes

To make Queens Cakes. - 1725
"TAke a Pound of dry'd Flower, a Pound of refin'd Sugar sifted, and a Pound of Currans wash'd, pick'd, and rubb'd clean, and a Pound of Butter wash'd very well, and rub it into the Flower and Sugar, with a little beaten Mace, and a little Orange-Flower Water; beat ten Eggs, but half the Whites, work it all well together with your Hands, and put in the Currans; sift over it double-refin'd Sugar, and put them immediately into a gentle Oven to bake."
Smith, Robert. Court Cookery.  London:  1725

Queen Cakes. 1803
Take a pound of sugar, beat it fine, pour in yolks and whites of two eggs, half a pound of butter, a little rose water, six spoonfuls of warm cream, a pound of currants, and as much flour as will make it up; stir them well together, and put them into your patty-pans, being well buttered; bake them in an oven, almost as hot as for bread, for half an hour; then take them out and glaze them, and let them stand but a little after the glazing is on to rise.
Carter, Susannah Frugal Housewife New York: 1803

Queen Cake 1918
2/3 cup butter
Whites 6 eggs
2 cups flour (scant)
11/4 cups powdered sugar
1/4 teaspoon soda
11/2 teaspoons lemon juice
Cream the butter, add flour gradually, mixed and sifted with soda, then add lemon juice. Beat whites of eggs until stiff; add sugar gradually, and combine the mixtures. Bake fifty minutes in a long shallow pan. Cover with Opera Caramel Frosting.
Farmer, Fannie Merritt. The Boston Cooking School Cookbook. 1918