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Manly Girly-Giggles

A tale of Fanfictiony goodness by Kiara

Okay. So. This takes place somewhere between the 4th and 5th seasons of Buffy. Oz is gone, no Tara yet. Riley isn't in the Initiative anymore but it does exist still. Spike's a Chippy. Angel is having of Cordy and Wesley. There ain't no Dawn. Anya got her old job back apparently.

Oh yeah and I cut my foot and it really hurts. I hope I'm reincarnated as a Walrus. They seem much more graceful than I. And they don't really have feet.

Anyhoo..I own nothing. Except Gilly. I love Gilly...he's like a pretty gay man/demon/thing...Joss owns most everyone else. He doesn't deserve them though. He's so mean to them...I mean Wesley...and Lilah?! WTF izzat? *still outraged months later*

Oh yah! There is kinda slash but dunno. Is this slash? I mean its Xander and Spike*blink* I just don't know anymore. I mean, I'm a slash obsessed person yet somehow I wonked it up...

Oi...yeah and the first section of the story is in a different p.o.v. from the rest for no apparent reason. I keep wanting to fix it but then I don't. =O.o=

< > mean thoughts, ( ) either mean other thoughts(don't ask) or my own sarcastic comments.
Look! The story!

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The battle of good and evil against, um……other evil continues in the Sequel: Radioactive Flowers.

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