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Whacky Brain Refuse

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Contacting Me!

Me being Kiara, that is...

...Kiara being the Queen of the Universe...

...the Universe being this page, as it were...

*cough* I'll shut up now...

Contacting me:

If you feel the need to annoy me, yell at me,

praise me and offer chocolates, mock my toes,

or anything else involving personal contact for random reasons,

feel free! I'm a sad lonely person with nothing better to do than write.

Plus, I've never been flamed before and it sounds

like an overall entertaining experience!

I can be reached at ,

on ICQ #9491729,

or on AIM as Maneating Cat.

I also have this nifty Message Board Thingy
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And then there's the update stuff....
if you want me to inform you of updates,
click Here.