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Happy Links for Happy People! Or Angsty People! Or Otherwise Emotional People!

These are links to all my favorite author's pages. I have more to add, so send me links and stuff and it'll grow like a chia pet!


Spurglie is incredible! I'm still rereading fics there when I'm bored! The X/S stories are hiilarious and the S/W stories are marvelous! Go There! NOW! I command you and stuff!


This site totally kicks like sooooo much ass for any Spike/Willowness you could ever want!(And I am soooo totally talking like a valley girl! Shoot me.)


I don't think I need mention the godliness of Saber Shadow Kitten? Cuz hot DAMN...


The stories on this page are amazing...I must've spent an entire day just on the Spike/Xander stories alone..."Family" made me cry as bad as my Mom when she watches Titanic.


I love this site. It has all the wondrous X/S you could want and more. I bow before them in fealty! I am theirs to command! (don't tell them that or they might make me do something)


A Splendid Stash of Slash!


Gah! I can't get enought of these stories! I reread them regularly and make squeaky girly noises the whole time!


Perdy site...Perdy Stuff...Perdy all around....Check it out!(in my mind I sound like a sleazy car salesman...ignore me)


Amazing site with amazing fics...The Soft Insanity of Time? Beautiful!


I love ALL of the fics on this page...and I just noticed that there's new Hothouse Violet up, so thats it for this page until later!

Yeah, I know, a small little collection but its all I got so far....I've already got quite a few more to add for next update, but if you send me yours, I'll add that one too!



If you want to link to me here are some buttons and bannery thingies!


Spurglie The Magnificent was wonderful enough to make these buttons for me! Bootiful, ne?


Here are some that I made myself in my extreme boredom. Button-making is an excellent alternative to homework-doing and fic-writing, but it makes fewer people happy....*shrug* oh well!