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The Feature! is a especially brought to you by USA! Indy, is an in depth look into the Independents. Here you can take looks at Indy supercards & memorial events, check out the weekly newsletters from wrestlers/feds, vote for who you think is the top talent on the indies, check out indy title histories and much more.



ECWA Super 8- Held in Wilmington, Delaware features the top talent in the Independents in an elimination tournmanent. This years competitors include: Red, Xavier, Donovan Morgan, Bobby Rude, Matt Stryker, Pepper Parks, A.J. Styles & Jamie Knoble.

JCW J-Cup- The Jersey J-Cup is JCW’s version of the Super J-Cup, the annual light heavyweight tournament that has been a favorite in Japan for several years. This tournament has featured some of the biggest names in pro wrestling including Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, Jushin Thunder Liger, Rey Mysterio Jr., Taka Michinoku, The Great Sasuke, Sean Waltman, and Eddie Guerrero. The accomplishments of these men speak for themselves. This years competitors include: AJ Styles, Scoot Andrews, Jason Rumble, Billy Fives, CM Punk, Judas Young, American Dragon, Dave Greco, Damian Dragon, Queenan Creed, Reckless Youth, Colt Cabana, Dixie, Dragon, Mark Briscoe & Supreme Lee Great.

HCW Inkredible 8- Hardkore Championship Wrestling & Promoter Nick Berry have assembled some of the top talent in the country on the independent level & will be hosting a 1 night event in Hollywood, Florida July 13th. This years competitors include: The Stro, Sharkboy, BJ Whitmer, Matt Stryker, Reckless Youth, Jimmy Rave, Jeremy Lopez & Tony Mamaluke

Title Histories: Complete Title histories from various federations.

Mailing Lists: Featured Mailing lists from workers to federations across the U.S. Featuring all the news, upcoming shows & information you need for federations. Included is the link to subscribe.

USA! Indy Elite- Monthly rankings of the Independents best.

WWE Training Camp- The WWE has scouting camps where they invite various Indy talent from across the country. Usually 15-20 Workers are invited, and anywhere from 2-5 contracts are offered, ranging from 15-30,000 year. Workers report to HWA or OVW, WWE farm leagues before they are brought up to the major leagues. The Camp & Workers are featured.

WWE Future Spotlight- Independent Workers under WWE contract who are being scouted to be brought up to the big leagues soon. Former Indy workers who have worked WWE house shows & TV tapings and those have been working for WWE Farm Leagues Hearrland Wrestling Association or Ohio Valley Wrestling. June Focus: Danny DeNucci, Shelton Benjamin, Rob Conway, Nick Dinsmore

WWE Eyes Closed- Independent workers who, for once reason or another, Vince McMahon and the WWE have casted a shadow over and are more than deserving of a shot at the bigtime. August Focus: Slyk Wagner Brown

Coming Soon: Polls, Russ Hass Memorial Show, Pillman Memorial Show, Mark Curtis Fantasy Camp, King of the Indies, Texas 8, Southern States Super 8 Invitational, Legacy Cup, King of the Deathmatch, Tojo Yamamoto Memorial Show, NWA Anniversary show, "Super Indy" Tournament, Buddy Rogers Memorial Tag Team Tournament, Eddie Gilbert Memorial, Earthquake Ferris & Johnny Paine Benefit Show