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The Jersey J-Cup is JCW’s version of the Super J-Cup, the annual light heavyweight tournament that has been a favorite in Japan for several years. This tournament has featured some of the biggest names in pro wrestling including Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, Jushin Thunder Liger, Rey Mysterio Jr., Taka Michinoku, The Great Sasuke, Sean Waltman, and Eddie Guerrero. The accomplishments of these men speak for themselves.

The first Jersey J-Cup was held on May 12,2000 and showcased some of the brightest light heavyweights on the East Coast. Some of the most promising up-and-coming stars in the wrestling industry put on a show that some would say was the best of the year for JCW. The first years lineup included JCW Heavyweight Champion Low-Ki, his hated rival Billy “Highlight” Reil, Judas Young, Paramus High School graduate Ryan Wing, future Jersey All Pro Wrestling champion Homicide, future JCW superstar Dave Greco, masked sensation Abunai, White Lotus, Rick Silver, Embassamador, Crazy Ivan, Smooth Tommy Suede, Zero Gravity, Dave Delicious, Grandmaster B, and mark Reil.

One June 23, 2001 Jersey Championship Wrestling hosted the second annual Jersey J-Cup tournament. A one night competion featuring 16 of the top independent light heavyweight professional wrestlers from across the country. This years lineup included the 2001 Super 8 Winner Low-Ki, JCW light Heavyweight Champion Dave Greco, 2000 J-Cup winner Judas Young, 2000 J-Cup finalist Ryan Wing, WCW star Shark Boy, EWF Light Heavyweight champion Mike Quackenbush, UCW Heavyweight Champion Xavier, UCW stars Red and the Maximo brothers-collectively know as the SAT, future Jersey All Pro Wrestling Triple Crown Winner Dixie, MECW star Queenan Creed, HWA star Supreme Lee Great, White Lotus, Dylan Cage and Felipe the pool boy rounded out the tournament.

The Third JERSEY J-CUP 2002
This year JCW decided to go all across American and sign the biggest names that they could find. The past two years have seen NJ’s finest compete in the ultimate battle for supremacy. This years the stakes will be even higher as JCW is flying in some of the top indy talent from around the country.

The J-Cup will b the first JCW card that takes place in the Rex Plex Entertainment Center June 15th in Elizabeth, NJ, a massive building that will facilitate more fans than the South River building originally booked. JCW owner Ricky Otazu has this to say, “I am excited about moving into a new building the size of the Rex Plex. It is s great feeling to know that so many fans will be coming out and supporting JCW”.

USA! Indy & JCW will be teaming up to give you the fans, an in depth look at the J-Cup, Included will be past results, biographies on competitors, interviews with competitors, columns on the event, gallery of pictures from events previous & thoughts on the event from competitors.

For more Information on the J-Cup, or JCW please visit the link below

Jersey Championship Wrestling


Biographies 2002: AJ Styles / Scoot Andrews / Jason Rumble / Billy Fives / CM Punk / Judas Young / American Dragon / Dave Greco / Damian Dragon / Queenan Creed / Reckless Youth / Colt Cabana / Dixie / Dragon / Mark Briscoe / Supreme Lee Great

Biographies 2001: Low Ki / Dave Greco / Judas Young / Ryan Wing / Shark Boy / Mike Quackenbush / Xavier / Red / Jose Maximo / Joel Maximo / Dixie / Queenan Creed / Supreme Lee Great / White Lotus / Dylan Cage / Felipe the Pool Boy

Biographies 2000: Low Ki / Billy Reil / Judas Young *winner* / Ryan Wing / Homicide / Dave Greco / Abunai / White Lotus / Rick Silver / Embassamador / Crazy Ivan / Tommy Suede / Zero Gravity / Dave Delicious / Grandmaster B / Mark Reil

JCW Super-J History- Results from 2000 / 2001 / 2002

Thoughts on the J-Cup- Former competitors from the J-Cup give their thoughts on the event