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Chris Glavin- Webmaster USA! Indy Wrestling


Chris Glavin - On Duty!

John Larance- Texas Indies

Joseph Cutliffe- PA Indies

Randy Hedrick- North Carolina Indies

Dennis Price- Carolinas Indies

John Black / Bryan Boyce- Midwest Indies

John- Women on the Indies

Daniel Russell- Alabama Indies

Chuck- Mid South Indies

Terry Allen- Chicago Indies

Joe Slaten- Alabama Wrestling

Chopper- New England Indies

Mark Dallas / Andy Quildan / Aaron Spencer - U.K. Wrestling

Anna Brunette- New Zealand Wrestling

Mike Altamura / Zoe Duggan- Australia Wrestling

Amber Jackson / Steve Stryker / Jenni Grattan- Canadian Wrestling

Luis Zuloaga / Jenni Grattan / Noel Sergio- Mexican Wrestling

Manuel Gonzalez- Puerto Rican Wrestling



Jamie Dangerously / John Larance / Jason Rand / Larry Goodman / Donald Brower

Dan Haney / Greg Mosorjak / Laurel Register / Jeremy Medeiros / Brayn Reigel / Paul

Sharp / Marcus Watkins / Chris Tompkinson / Dan Herman / Paul Sharp / Gabe (RF

Video) / Aaron Wilson / Jason Lodato / Shannon Rose

Want to join the Team?

I am looking for those willing & able to write columns on the regions of independent wrestling in their region. News reporters who follow the news on the indies, and those who can send me live reports/tv reports of shows. If you are knowledgable, willing & dedicated to the Independents & want to help, feel free to contact me.