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ECWA Super 8 Tournament

It has been called the Wrestlemania of the Independents. Jim Kettner's East Coast Wrestling Association always puts on terrific shows, and once a year they hold what is considered the pinnacle of Independent events. Eight wrestlers from across the U.S. & beyond compile for one night of pure wrestling. No gimmicks, no storylines, just wrestling.

The Super 8 has featured such notable talent as Billy Kidman, Simond Diamond, Crowbar, Scotty 2 Hotty, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy & Christian York. Many consider the oppurtunity to even be given a chance to compete in the Super 8 is a true testament to their skill & devotion to the sport, not to mention their superior in ring psychology. The Super 8 has been a stepping stone for those who have competed in the event.

This year's competitors are as strong as previous years, and diverse as eve. Ranging from high flyers to Puroresuos to mat wrestlers. They have worked for the WWE, WCW, NWA Wildside & Pro Wrestling NOAH. Between them is 33 title reigns. Truly impressive numbers for this year's group of workers.

Continuing proof that the ECWA Super 8 is the event of the year. Featuring NWA wildside star A.J. Styles, rookie standout Red, Pro Wrestling NOAH & former APW trainer Donovan Morgan, Heartland Wrestling Association's Pepper Parks & Matt Stryker, canadian standout Bobby Rude, 2001 J-Cup winner Xavier & Ohio Valley Wrestling's Jamie Knoble.

USA! Indy & ECWA will be teaming up to give you, the fans an in depth look at the Super 8 Tournament. Included will be past results, biographies on the competitors, interviews with the stars, columns on the event, gallery of pictures from previous events & Live play by play in the Live! Wrestling newsboard on the day of the event.

For more Information on the Super 8 Tournament, or ECWA please visit this link:

East Coast Wrestling Association

Super 8 Tournament

Biographies 2002: Red / Xavier / Donovan Morgan / Bobby Rude / Matt Stryker / Pepper Parks / A.J. Styles / Jamie Knoble

Biographies 2001: LowKi *winner* / Jayson Reign / Billy Fives / Tony Kozina / Mike Sullivan / The American Dragon / Spanky / Reckless Youth

Biographies 2000: Christopher Daniels *winner* / Scoot Andrews / Chad Collyer / Jet Jaguar / Jeff Peterson / Vic Capri / Shark Boy / Trent Acid

Biographies 1999: Steve Bradley *winner* / Jeff Hardy / Matt Hardy / Christopher Daniels / Chrsitian York / Jeff Peterson / Ace Darling / Crowbar

Biographies 1998: Simon Diamond *winner* / Scotty 2 Hotty / Reckless Youth / Inferno Kid / Crwobar / Ace Darling / Mark Shrader / Mike Quackenbush

Biographies 1997: Ace Darling *winner* / Billy Kidman / Simond Diamond / Cheetah Master / Crowbar / Reckless Youth / Inferno Kid / Ronny Roberts

ECWA Super 8 History- Results from 1997 / 1998 / 1999 / 2000 / 2001 / 2002

Thoughts on the ECWA Super 8- Former competitors from the Original Super 8 to last year's Super 8 give their feelings on the Super 8. Fans also give their thoughts on what the Super 8 means to them.