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He is one of the most acomplished workers in the Midwest, his feud with CM Punk & Chris Hero is considered to be some of the best matches the indies have had to offer the past 2 years. He's worked with many top names & is destined for further greatness, he's Colt Cabana.

For more information on Colt Cabana, check out his Biography for USA! Indy

The Interview!

1) How did you 1st get into wrestling? Who trained you?

After my first year of playing college football, I realized that my career was going nowhere. The summer after my freshman year in college I stopped football and enrolled at the Steel Domain Training Center in Chicago, IL. I was trained by Ace Steel and Danny Dominion.

2) How old were you when you first wanted to wrestle? Who were your heroes in wrestling?

I remember wanting to wrestle ever since I was a fan. I can recall my first match at the age of 3. I still remember being in Jr. Highschool and researching wrestling schools and telling my parents my plans of graduating HS and then going onto wrestling school.

3) Describe to those who are unaware, what Colt Cabana is all about

Colt Cabana is a Midwest wrestler who's tried to make a name for himself by wrestling whereever, whenever. I enjoy being a babyface and I'm a goofball. When it's time to enter the ring though, I'm all business.

4) Do you take any of your style of wrestling & base it off workers that you grew up admiring? Describe your style of wrestling to those unaware.

Colt Cabana is a modern day professional wrestler. I'm a worker. I'm a student of the sport and understand what I'm doing in the ring and why. I like to describe myself as a HeavyLieghtweight. I'm 6'1" 238lbs and I enjoy wrestling a fastpaced match using all different aspects from the wrestling world. My style has definitly been influenced. You can't pinpoint it on one particular person though. When I first started traveling the roads, I would travel w/ vets Danny Dominion, Ace Steel, & Adam Pearce. I usually say that if you take the best assets of all 3, then you got Colt Cabana.

5) You have competed in a number of tournaments, can you give us your comments on:
JCW J-Cup, IWC Super Indy, IWA MIdsotuh Sweet Science 16, MCW T-3 Tag Team Tournament

JCW: 3.0 was their best to date. Tremendous talent rounded up in one tournament. I think I represented the Midwest well, but look forward to next year where I can really do some damage.

IWC: The SuperIndy tournament was for a vacant belt, but I think it could become the number one tournament in the Pittsburgh area. I enjoyed my match w/ Christopher Daniels who went on to the finals. IWC is a great promotion that should get a lot more recognition.

IWA MS SS16: Who knew IWA would have a scientific tournament. It's gotten better each year and is supposed to be off the hook for '02. IWA always produces a great product, so don't be suprised when SS16 produces a couple MOTY candidates.

MCW T-3: I was fortunate to make it to the finals this year w/ BJ Whitmer of Noah fame. It's a hard concept, but MCW really made this one work. I look forward to seeing where each one goes every year.

6) You have competed in a number of top tie indy promotion, including 3PW & IWA Mid South, a homebase for you, comments on the promotions?

I do enjoy wrestling for the best promotions and the best promoters. Indy wrestlers aren't getting rich doing this. So if a promoter is packing the place and has a great mind for wrestling, it makes wrestling for a promotion that much better. IWC in Pittsburgh, MCW in Chicago, and IWA MS are all great places I enjoy wrestling at. Also MAW, IWF, JCW, and all others are always a blast to wrestle for.

7) Any strange fan enocunters to share with USA! Indy?

I guess some gay guy from Ireland was hitting on me in Philly and I had no clue until Alison Danger smartened me up. I had like a great 20 minute talk w/ the guy and I thought he was just shootin the shit w/ me. That was kinda strange.

8) A strange travel story to share with USA! Indy?
Punk and I were on a plane w/ Marion Berry...That ruled.

9) What has been your favorite match? Who do you like working with the most? Toughest oppponent to date?

I really don't have a Favorite match, nor will I ever have one. CM Punk and I broke in together, made our names together, and beat'n the shit out of each other together. It's always a blast w/ the Punker. I've also loved wrestling w/ Tracey Smothers, Chris Daniels, Chris Hero, AJ Styles, Ace Steel and a handload of others. Whenever you get someone in the ring w/ you that you know "can go", it's always a blast to go all out and give the people something to remember.

10) Outside of wrestling, what are your hobbies? What do you do?

I just graduated college so I'm kinda filling the days w/ odd jobs lookin for a fulltime gig. I'm always at the gym and I try to stay active. I'm a huge mark for movies and The Simpsons though.

11) What is your ultimate goal in wrestling?

To have a steady income and when I have children, be able to send them to college w/ money I've made in the wrestling business.

12) Anywhere in the country that you would like to work, other than WWE?

I would love to go to Mexico and really really learn Lucha Libre. I think a big guy like me flying around would really get over. I'd also like to go to Japan, but wouldn't we all. Just being able to travel the country and wrestling at the same time would really be a dream come true.

13) Do you currently watch the WWE product? Thoughts on the current product.

I watch it when I can. I don't watch religously, but If I'm home and it's on, I'll turn it on. My thoughts: That's where we all want to be so whether ratings are up or down, they're still the best. I always wish they'd put more 10-12 minute matches on TV, but i've noticed they've started to do that a little which is nice.

14) What are your thoughts on various promotions trying to vie for the # 2 spot? WWA, XWF, NWA:TNA?

I think they should give me a job.

15) Your thoughts on the current state of independents & Midwest Indies

The indies will be the indies. The cream will always rise to the top. Also, the grass is always greener on the other side. I could tell you the Midwest blows and out East or West is the place to be. They're all just the same, but you always want what you can't have. Some of us are trying our best to put the Midwest back on the map for independent pro wrestling. Doing it one show at a time.

16) You have worked a number of matches with CM Punk, many consider your feud to be some of the best matches the indies have to offer, thoughts on your fellow competitor?

I really believe that we bring the best out of each other. We're pure wrestlers. Sure we can get spotty and sure we can off-focused a little, but it tends to be magic when Punk and I are put together. I think Punk is one hell of a wrestler. He's a very talented individual and the future will be as bright as he makes it.

17) You have the distinct advantage of wrestling both Heavyweight & cruiserweight styles, Which do you prefer to work?

It really depends on the mood. If I'm w/ a heavywieght, I'll be the one flying around. If I'm w/ a cruiser, I got to toss people around. I think I personally like working w/ the guys that just wanna go all out and are hell bent on having a good/fun match.

18) What would be a dream match in your book?

Ace Steel vs. Bruno Samartino.

19) What is you advice for those currently trying to get into pro wrestling making it as a high flier?

I see way too many guys going in there and spot, spot, spot, almost kill yourself, spot spot spot. I don't think I went off the top rope for my first 9 months in the business. Learn your basics and get GOOD training. The highflying only needs to be put in, in specific parts of your match. The rest of the match has to be filled in and if you suck at everything else, your match will look like shit. Know your basics and know them well.

20) Any Final Words? A Colt Cabana Motto for all to live by?

Go to Buy my Best of Tape, it's good!!! Help support your local or non-local independent wrestling. We're the stars of the future, today. Thank you.


If your in the area, be sure to check out Colt Cabana on these dates:

IWA MS Indianapolis, IN 8/2 TBA
IWA MS Clarksville, IN 8/3 TBA
MAW Big Bend, WI 8/10 Cru Jones
IWC Pittsburgh, PA 8/17 Shirley Doe
Revolution Pro Los Angeles, CA 8/21 TBA
MCW Streamwood, IL 8/24 TBA
MAW Big Bend, WI 8/31 Midwest Invitational
MAW Big Bend, WI 9/1 Sunday Bloody Sunday
MCW Chicago, IL 9/5 TBA
IWA Midsouth Clarksville, IN 9/6 Sweet Science 16 2002
IWA Midsouth Clarksville, IN 9/7 Sweet Science 16 2002
JCW Elizabeth, NJ 9/21 Reckless Youth

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