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USA! Indy Top 10

1) AJ Styles
2) Low-Ki
3) American Dragon
4) Christopher Daniels
5) Reckless Youth
6) Red
7) Trent Acid
8) Shelton Benjamin
9) Scoot Andrews
10 Nick Dinsmore

USA! Indy Top 5
Tag Teams

1) Backseat Boyz
2) SAT
3) Ballard Brothers
4) Shelton Benjamin & Redd Dogg
5) Christian York & Joey Matthews

USA! Indy Top 5 Ladies

1) Alicia
2) Lady vendetta
3) Luxurious Lynne
4) Nicole Starr
5) Lady Victoria

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Shows for: 8/10/02
Rebels of Wrestling in Racine, Wisc @ Mexican Fest XICW in WARREN, MI @ HOT ROCK Premier Wrestling Federation in Pottstown, PA @ Academy Hall Steel Domain Wrestling in Red Wing, MN @ Treasure Island Casino UCW in Bowling Green, KY @ Reed's Restaurant Catering Hall XICW in Warren, MI @ Hot Rock Sports Bar and Music Cafe New Empire Wrestling in Thomasville, NC @ Thomasville Flea Market
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Reckless Youth

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