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USA! Elite ranks the top workers who have yet to be reached to a national audience. . Ratings are based on win-loss records, quality of opponents, caliberof matches matches, title matches, oversees tours & ring psychology of the wrestler or tag team. The ranking are based on myself, Donyell Reed & John Sgro of Glory Wrestling

Wrestler of the Month: AJ Styles

1) AJ Styles
2) Low-Ki
3) American Dragon
4) Christopher Daniels
5) Reckless Youth
6) Red
7) Trent Acid
8) Shelton Benjamin
9) Scoot Andrews
10 Nick Dinsmore
11) Cody Hawk
12) Slyk Wagner Brown
13) Cham Pain
14) Doug Williams
15) Dononvan Morgan
16) Michael Modest
17) Jay Briscoe
18) Spanky
19) CM Punk
20) Matt Stryker
21) Shark Boy
22) Colt Cabana
23) Jeremy Lopez
24) Super Dragon
25) Xavier

Tag Team of the Month: Backseat Boyz

1) Backseat Boyz
2) SAT
3) Ballard Brothers
4) Shelton Benjamin & Redd Dogg
5) Christian York & Joey Matthews
6) The A-Squad (Chet Jablonski & Derrick Neikirk)
7) Dupp Brothers
8) Shane Brothers
9) Briscoe Brothers
10) T-N-T(Todd Sexton & Tony Stradlin)


Female Worker/Valet/Manager of the month: Alicia

1) Alicia
2) Lady vendetta
3) Luxurious Lynne
4) Nicole Starr
5) Lady Victoria
6) Leilani Kai
7) Sonya Blackhawk
8) Sasha
9) Violet Flame
10) Erotica D'Vine