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If a Federation or Wrestler is featured for a TV or radio segment, or has appeared in a newspaper or magazine clipping, you will hear about it here. Media news posts all Media reports the Indies are making.

Media Report: June-September

Quiet Storm, SAT & "Black Nature Boy" Scoot Andrews all debuted for the promotion this week. Andrews dominated Storm & won with the Forces of Nature. SAT also debuted taking on the Flying Elvises, they will be mainstays for the promotion.

AJ Styles will be appearing on Pro Wrestling Weekly Radio hosted by Shannon Rose & Barry Horrowitz. You can listen 1-2pm at:, call 1-877-355-1040 to speak with AJ, or you can email at

The Miami Herald had a story on a mixed tag team match pitting Davie, FL mayor Harry Venis & Kevin Sullivan vs. Sweetwater, FL mayor Jose "Pepe" Diaz & Joe Gomez for a local Florida indy fed. Estimated crowd of 500, despite the downpour of rain during the event.

Missouri's KLPR Channel 11 news will feature a story on their 9 0' Clock news on MsChif called "Scientist by Day, Wrestler by Night", focusing on her career as a genetic researcher at Washington University in St. Louis on "human genome" experiment & her nighttime profession as a professional wrestler

The Pittsburgh Gazette had a story in their 6/25 edition of Afa Anoai, son of Afa the Wild Samoan, going to University of Pitt where he will be defensive linesmen. Anoai was ranked among the top 100 recruits in the country, and his coach quoted as saying he is the best defensive linesmen hes ever coached. Afa has been working the indies for several years, most notably WXW.

The Police Athletic Legion is filing a lawsuit against Gino Moore who promotes NWA shows in the NJ area. The PAl claim the 3, who promoted under the name Sports Enteratinment group (SEG), used their name to collect $20,000+ donations. To read the article click here

Big Time Wrestling was featured on the front page of the June 21, 2002 edition of the Spanish language newspaper "La Semana – Informativa del Metroplex". Discussed in the article are the differences between the wrestling on TV today and Big Time Wrestling, the Mission Statement of Big Time Wrestling, and how Wade Goodman, Spokesperson for Big Time Wrestling, got into Professional Wrestling, or Lucha Libre as they call it in Spanish. With the exception of a misidentification of Prof. Takada as actually being Wade Goodman, the article was very well written.

There is an article in the Detroit Metro Times on Michigan indy promotion Independent Wrestling Revolution. To read the article click here

September 2002 issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated features an article on Sean O' Haire & his time in OVW, a WWE farm league, the debut of Head of Security at the Jerry Springer show for Maryland Championship Wrestling & a disturbing photo of Gillberg & Doink the Clown I thought I should mention.

September 2002 issue of The Wrestler features A Point/Counterpoint article on the debuting NWA: TNA, A profile on Canadian Mainstay & this years competitor in the Suer 8 tournament Bobby Rude, a column from East Coast indy star Mike Quackenbush on his recent match with Eddie Guerrero, an article on former ECW competitor Jeff Peterson on his battle with cancer

Summer 2002 issue of Rampage Magazine features a Declaration of the Independents where the staff gives their picks for their favorite indy stars who should make it to the big time. Featured: Sabu, Steve Corino, Adam windsor, Onryo, Superboy, Danny Doring, Christopher Daniels, Slyk Wagner Brown, Francine & Sandman. There is also an article on Maryland Championship Wrestling & The Hart Brothers School of Wrestling

KRON news Channel 4 aired a story this past Tuesday live from the APW Garage in Hayward, Ca. The short story, hosted by KRON's Henry Tenenbaum, focused on the APW Boot Camp and featured such superstars as Robert Thompson, Melissa, American Dragon, Nikki, James Choi and APW President Roland Alexander. APW would like to thank KRON for coming to the APW Garage and doing a story on the number one training school in the country today, The APW Boot Camp.

Scottie Wrenn, Rick Michaels, Tony Stradlin & Gabriel from NWA Wildside appear as Vince McMahon's Security guards at the beginning of WWE Smackdown Thursday

The Lexington Hearld Leader has an article on Lexington indy wrestler and Southeastern Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion "The Reason" Mark Masters. To read it, click here

July 2002 issue of The Wrestler has an article on AJ Styles & what he could bring to the WWE Cruiserweight division, a tribute column by East Coast mainstay Mike Quackenbush on Russ Haas, and an article on Leviathan claiming he will be "the most dangerous main in wrestling." There is also correspondant reports on OVW & HWA.

October 2002 Issue of New Wave Wrestling has a interview with April Hunter, who recently was given a WWE tryout at their training camp.

PWI Supercards 2002 has an in depth spotlight on the WWA: Revolution PPV & the ECWA Super 8 tournament.

Lady Victoria, as well as Mercedes from Cincinnati will be on doing a segment for the Jerry Springer show. They will be a mother duaghter team.