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Music: Gaude, Mater Polonia, 13th century Polish hymn

The Mouse Tower of Kruszwica


    The Mouse Tower of Kruszwica is an old folk legend.  The information gathered here was supplied by a Krolak cousin, Art Siemion.


        Prince Popiel, ruler of the Polanie tribe in ancient Poland, was married to the ambitious Ryska, in whose hands he was like putty.  She wanted to place her German kinsman at the head of the Polanie, and the naive Popiel agreed to her wily plan, even at the expense of his Uncles' lives.


    Both Popiel and Ryska invited his uncles to a feast at which the guests were given Miod (honey wine).


    When the Polanie learned that their Prince and Ryska had committed murder, they vowed vengeance.


Taking refuge in a high wooden fortress in Kruszwica, on the edge of lake Goplo, Popiel and Ryska thought they were safe in the impenetrable tower.


   Legend has it that God sent swarms of rats and mice to gnaw through the solid walls, fell upon the wicked Popiel and Ryska and devoured them.  The tower still exists and is known as the Mouse Tower.



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