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A Krolak History

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        Wojciech Krolak and Rozalia Glowacka Krolak originated from the town of Kruszwica Poland, in what was then the German partition.  Birth and marriage dates are not available at this time, although we can estimate the birth date of Wojciech as 1842 and Rozalia as 1843.  

    The birth order of their known children are; Marianna, Marcyanna, Antonina, Franciszka, Jozef, Julianna, Jan, and Magdalena.  These children, either alone or with their spouses, started to emigrate in the1890s.  Most, if not all of the family arrived first in Philadelphia, then many moved on to Chicago.

    Marianna married Franciszek Michalski about 1880 in Kruszwica.  The date of their arrival in the United States is Unknown.

    Marcyanna married Adam Paluch of Strelzno Poland abt.1888 in Poland.  They arrived through Ellis Island on the ship EMS on March 25, 1896 from Breman Germany.

    Antonina married Michal Jamroziak in Poland abt.1889.  They arrived in Philadelphia about 1893 and remained there until 1890, when the moved on to Chicago.

    Franciszka married Joseph Golaszewski on Poland abt. 1885.  The 1910 census states that they immigrated to the US in 1901. 

    Josef Krolak married Franciszka Socha on September 18, 1899  at St. Mary of Perpetual Help Church in Chicago Illinois.  Josef immigrated in 1898, Franciszka in 1880.

    Julianna married Jakob Krauza in Chicago Illinois abt. 1895. The exact date of Julianna's arrival in the United States is not known.

    Very little is known about Jan Krolak.  It is believed that he remained in Poland and there is no contact with that branch of the family.

    Magdalena Krolak's married name is Hebisz.  There is no information about her husband or their children, if any.  They also remained in Poland.

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