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The Matloka 


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   Tomasz Matloka                              Franciszka  Michalski 





    Tomasz Matloka was born in Inowroclaw, in what was then German, Poland on December 8, 1876.  His parents were Laurence Matloka and Anna Bobzanski.  Tomasz was the only member of his family to emigrate to the Untied States.  

    Franciszka Michalski Matloka was born on February 11, 1881 in Kruszwica Poland.  Her parents were Franciszek Michalski and Marianna Krolak.  the Krolak family began to emigrate to the United States in the later part of the 1800s and Tomasz and Franciszek, with their daughter Mary and Franciszek's parents and Franciszka's sister Marianna, joined them in 1903.  Tomasz states on his naturalization certificate that his date of entry was January 1, 1903.  In August of that year they welcomed a new daughter Stanislawa (Stella), with daughters Anthonette following in 1907 and Helena in 1913.

    Further information shows the family; Tomasz, Franciszka and Mary arrived on January 1, 1903 through the port of Baltimore on the SS Karlsrune.  Their last residence was given as Dom. Kobeliniki Poland.  They were sponsored by Joseph Golaszewski, Franciszka's uncle.


    Franciszka died on January 13, 1917, leaving Tomasz and her mother to raise their four daughters.  Franciszka's sister, Marianna, passed away in 1914, her husband Ignacy in 1915, so their daughter, Marie, was also raised in the household.

    Tomasz died on March 26, 1948, leaving three daughters (Mary had died in 1934) and five grandchildren.


         Helena Matloka                       Stella Matloka 

          circa 1926                              circa 1927   






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