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    The history of settlement in the Kujawy region, lands of which at present partially belong to the poviat of Inowrocław dates back to the 5th century BC when first settlers appeared in the area, bringing with them the knowledge of soil cultivation, breeding and pottery. From the 3th century BC the colonization was based on the discovery of rich deposits of salt which occurred just beneath the surface of earth. In the 10th century AD the lands, which belonged to the tribes of Polanie and Goplanie, were incorporated into the newly-formed Polish state.
In the 14th century the administrative division of Poland divided Kujawy into two provinces: inowrocławskie (with the land of Dobrzyń) and brzesko-kujawskie. The division remained until the first partition of Poland (1772).

The half of the 19th century was a period of gradual economic development, which was largely influenced - among other things - by the enfranchisement reform of 1823. On the other hand, the 19th century in Poland means principally an increased nationalistic movement. Numerous cultural and educational initiatives were taken up with the preservation of national identity in view; many organizations and patriotic societies were formed, many of which took active part in armed uprisings.

The lands of Inowrocław poviat, which were restored to Poland in 1918, were then included to the Poznań province. During World War II the district became a part of "the Land of the Warta River", an area of the Third Reich separated by Adolf Hitler. The area was liberated on January 19-21, 1945.

The poviat of Inowrocław in its form of 1975 was brought hack onto the administrative map of Poland - as a component of Bydgoszcz province - on January 1, 1999. The district completes council structures in kujawsko-pomorskie province.


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