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Family Database

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    This page contains dates of birth and death for persons in our families born  before 1920.  There are dates and places missing.  If you have information that could help, please contact me and I will fill in the missing information.  Click here to contact me.  

Names of  spouses of family members have been listed in parenthesis.  I hope this will make the identification of  family members.  I hope that this can be of help to any person researching their family tree.   


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Name Birth Date Place Date of Death Place

The Tafil and Grzymala Families

Barton, Stephen Henry (Anthonette Matloka) 10/18/1900 Perth Amboy, NJ 4/20/1952 Chicago, IL
Bartula, Ignacy James (Marianna Michalski) abt.1866 Poland 2/25/1915 Chicago, IL
Boller, Hazel (SigismundTafil) 3/3/1901 Indiana 6/8/1972 Alameda, CA
Budzinski, Rozalia (Jacob Tafil) 6/1863 Russian Poland Unknown Perth Amboy NJ
Cernick, Frank (Martha Tafil) 10/3/1894 Chicago IL 2//1968 Chicago, IL
Cooley, Ethel (Walter Tafil) 12/4/1914 Chicago IL 1/30/2003 Allegan MI
Grzymala (Grzymalski), Jan (Alexandra Tafil) 7/25/1871 Russian Poland 5/4/1921 Chicago, IL
Grzymala (Grzymalski), Francis abt 1910 Chicago IL abt 1911 Chicago, IL
Grzymalski, Jean (Frank Formella) 8/27/1914 Chicago IL 4/22/1992 Chicago, IL
Hirschberg, Eleanor (WilliamTafil) 4/19/1914 Seattle WA 8/23/2001 Seattle WA
Magdalena (Kazimer Tafil) 6/15/1880 Russian Poland 12/14/1946 Chicago, IL
Matloka, Anthonette (Stephen Barton) 2/11/1907 Chicago IL 3/7/2001 Bridgeview IL
Pisarczyk, Sophie (Alexander Tafil) 10/8/1912 Chicago IL 12//1982 Oak Lawn IL
Pyra, Cecelia (Joseph Grzymalski) 8/28/1919 Chicago IL 1/7/1996 Florida
Sebesta, Rose (John Tafil) abt 1920 Berrien MI Unknown Allegan MI
S(C)zarkowski, Zofia (Adam Tafil) Unknown Poland Unknown Poland
Sobjecki, Michael (Sophia Tafil) 9/13/1907 Chicago IL 12//1969 Chicago, IL
Tafil, Adam (Zofia Z(C)zarkowski) Unknown Poland Unknown Poland
Tafil, Alexander (Sophie Pisarczyk) 2/7/1910 Chicago IL Unknown Unknown
Tafil, Alexandra (Jan Grzymala) 11/25/1878 Rajgrad Poland 3/30/1937 Chicago, IL
Tafil, Kazimer (Magdelena) 3/4/1874 Rajgrad Poland 5/10/1956 Chicago, IL
Tafil, Chester 12/23/1907 Chicago IL 3//1965 Unknown
Tafil, Jacob (Rozalia Budzinski) 4//1863 Rajgrad Poland Unknown Perth Amboy NJ
Tafil, John (Rose Sebesta) 6/6/1911 Chicago IL 1/21/1995 Allegan MI
Tafil, Martha (Frank Cernick) 1/9/1904 Chicago IL 8/1984 Grand Rapids MI
Tafil, Martha 6/18/1905 Perth Amboy NJ 4/1978 Perth Amboy NJ
Tafil, Mary  abt  1856 Rajgrad Poland 10/14/1916 Chicago, IL
Tafil, Paul (Boleslaw) 4//1894 Rajgrad Poland abt 1925 Seattle WA
Tafil, Sigismund (1. Sybil Witzigman 2. Hazel Boller) 2/6/1899 Rajgrad Poland 6/7/1946 San Diego CA
Tafil, Sophia (Michael Sobjecki) 1/27/1913 Chicago IL 10//1980 Downers Grove IL
Tafil, Stella abt. 1911 Perth Amboy NJ UNKNOWN Perth Amboy NJ
Tafil, Walter (Ethel Cooley) 5/24/1906 Chicago IL 12/2/1945 Allegan MI
Tafil, William (Eleanor Hirschberg) 6/28/1911 Seattle WA 8/12/2000 Seattle WA
Witzigman, Sybil (Sigismund Tafil) 9/22/1892 Council Bluffs IA 5/24/1999 Seattle WA

The Krolak Family

Bartula, Ignacy James (Miarianna Michalski) abt. 1886 Poland 2/25/1915 Chicago, IL
Bartula, Klara Anna 3/23/1912 Chicago IL 3/17/1913 Chicago, IL
Bartula, Maryanna"Marie" (Frank Kulovitz) 3/21/1913 Chicago IL Unknown Unknown
Bradtke, Adeline (Frank Baade) abt. 1917 Chicago IL Unknown Unknown
Bradtke, Clara (Ralph Chimmy) 9/12/1913 Chicago IL 3//1981 Chicago, IL
Bradtke, Eleanor (Anthony Kutko) abt. 1919 Chicago IL abt. 1978 Chicago, IL
Bradtke, Joseph 1/12/1912 Chicago IL 8//1988 Chicago, IL
Bradtke, Julius (Antonina Paluch) abt. 1892 Poland 4/22/1950 Chicago, IL
Bradtke, Raymond  3/23/1915 Chicago IL 3/9/1989 Chicago, IL
Budny, Casimer 11/5/1912 Chicago IL 12//1979 Chicago, IL
Budny, Jan (Marianna Jamroziak) abt 1890 Poland 8/5/1932 Chicago, IL
Budny, Joseph  abt 1915 Chicago IL Unknown Unknown
Budny, Leo 11/30/1918 Chicago IL 9//1976 Chicago, IL
Chimmey, Ralph (Chimielski)  (Clara Bradtke) 5/17/1912 Chicago IL 5/3/1993 Chicago, IL
Cieplak, Matthew (Sophia Opalinski) abt. 1905 Unknown abt 1994 Unknown
Ciszewski, Stanley J. (Helen Paluch) 11/15/1903 Chicago IL 1/30/1970 Chicago, IL
Considine, Jack (Stella Jamroziak) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Conway, James (Clara Opalinski) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Czynikiewicz, Helen (Joseph Krause) 1/13/1902 Chicago IL 11/7/1991 Chicago, IL
Fisher, Catherine (Jan Jamroziak) abt 1909 Poland Unknown Unknown
Gadowski, Antoni Walter (Stella Paluch) 1/1/1894 Poland 10/5/1959 Illinois
Glowacka, Rosalia (Wojceich Krolak) abt 1843 Poland abt 1915 Unknown
Golaszewski, Joseph (Francesca Krolak) abt 1865 Poland 4/8/1911 Chicago, IL
Hoga, Bernard (Johanna Krause) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Jamroziak, Franciszek abt 1906 Philadelphia PA 8/19/1957 Chicago, IL
Jamroziak, Jan (Catherine Fisher) abt 1903 Philadelphia PA 3/5/1976 Chicago, IL
Jamroziak, Maryanna (Jan Budny) abt 1891 Poland 4/26/1933 Chicago, IL
Jamroziak, Michal (Antonia Krolak) abt 1868 Poland 12/25/1932 Chicago, IL
Jamroziak, Pelagia (John Suchocki) 12/13/1895 Philadelphia PA 1/25/1981 Chicago, IL
Jamroziak, Rosalia (Wojciech Socha) 12/17/1893 Philadelphia PA 3//1982 Chicago, IL
Jamroziak, Stanislawa (Jack Considine) abt 1898 Philadelphia PA 4/22/1936 Chicago, IL
Jaszczyk, Helen (John Henry Krolak) abt 1907 Chicago IL 10/3/1968 Chicago, IL
Kenyon, Fred (Helena Krause) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Krause, Antoni (Anna Chirka) 3/18/1906 Chicago IL 1/16/1989 Chicago, IL
Krause, Jakob (Julianna Krolak) 1//1866 Germany 4/25/1932 Chicago, IL
Krause, Johanna (Bernard Hoga) abt 1904 Chicago IL 1/12/1969 Chicago, IL
Krause, John (Karolina Pisarczyk) abt 1897 Philadelphia PA aft 1938 Unknown
Krause, Joseph (Helen Czyznikiewicz) 1/24/1899 Chicago IL 10/8/1965 Chicago, IL
Krause,Kazimira "Carrie" (Roman Knopinski) abt 1901 Chicago IL Unknown Unknown
Krause, Leo (Leokadia "Lillian" Mitchell) 5//1895 Philadelphia PA Unknown Unknown
Krause, Stella (Wladyslaw Stefanski) abt 1908 Chicago IL Unknown Unknown
Krause, Wladyslaw (Anna Kovaczevicz) abt 1911 Chicago IL Unknown Unknown
Krawczyk, Walter (Helen Opalinski) abt 1917 Chicago IL 2/7/1990 Chicago, IL
Krolak, Anastasia (Niewiadomski) abt 1868 Poland 8/28/1934 Chicago, IL
Krolak, Anthony (Jean Strzykalski) 12/22/1901 Chicago IL 4/29/1976 Chicago, IL
Krolak, Antonia (Michal Jamroziak) abt 1871 Poland 10/7/1906 Chicago, IL
Krolak, Franciszka (Joseph Golaszewski) abt 1866 Poland 4/2/1938 Chicago, IL
Krolak, Jan (Pelagia) abt 1880 Poland Unknown Chicago, IL
Krolak, John Henry (Helen Jaszcayk) 6/19/1900 Chicago IL 10/8/1970 Chicago, IL
Krolak, Josef (Franciszka Socha) 3//1875 Poland 5/2/1938 Chicago, IL
Krolak, Julianna (Jakob Krause) 6//1877 Poland 4/4/1938 Chicago, IL
Krolak, Kazimira "Carrie" (Michael Wieczorek) abt 1906 Chicago IL 12/5/1975 Chicago, IL
Krolak, Magdelena (Hebisz) abt 1881 Poland Unknown Poland
Krolak, Marcianna (Adam Paluch) 2/1/1866 Poland 9/16/1940 Chicago, IL
Krolak, Marianna (Franciszek Michalski) 11/28/1862 Poland 6/9/1946 Chicago, IL
Krolak, Stanley (Lottie Krolczyk) 6/27/1911 Chicago IL 9//1980 Chicago, IL
Krolak,Wojceich (Rozalia Glowacka) abt 1842 Poland Unknown Poland
Krolczyk, Lottie (Stanley Krolak) 6/27/1911 Chicago IL 3/24/1981 Chicago, IL
Kubiak, Carrie (Casimer Opalinski) abt 1910 Chicago IL abt 1940 Chicago, IL
Kulovitz, Frank (Marie Bartula) 2/12/1910 Chicago IL 2/24/1963 Chicago, IL
Matloka, Helen Barbara 6/29/1913 Chicago IL 8/17/1970 Chicago, IL
Matloka, Marianna (Louis Pacholec) 1/31/1901 Poland 10/4/1934 Chicago, IL
Matloka, Stanislawa "Stella" 8/1/1903 Chicago IL 7/31/1981 Chicago, IL
Matloka, Tomasz "Thomas" (Franciszka Michalski) 12/8/1876 Poland 3/26/1948 Chicago, IL
Michalski, Franciszek (Marianna Krolak) abt 1864 Poland 2/24/1915 Chicago, IL
Michalski, Franciszka (Tomasz Matloka) 2/11/1881 Poland 1/13/1917 Chicago, IL
Michalski, Marianna (Igancy Bartula) abt 1887 Poland 12/26/1914 Chicago, IL
Mitchell, Leokadia "Lillian" (Leo Krause) 5//1895 Poland Unknown Unknown
Nowak, Sophie (Stanley Paluch) 11/1/1899 Chicago IL 10/9/1971 Chicago, IL
Opalinski, Casimer (Carrie Kubiak) 7/7/1908 Chicago IL 3/1/1951 Chicago, IL
Opalinski, Clara (James Conway) abt 1914 Chicago IL Unknown Unlnown
Opalinski, Franciszek (Mary Paluch) 9/7/1888 Poland 5/16/1940 Chicago, IL
Opalinski, Helen (Walter Krawczyk) 8/24/1917 Chicago IL Unknown Unknown
Opalinski, Sophia (Matthew Cieplak) abt 1912 Chicago IL Unknown Unknown
Pacholec, Louis (Marianna Matloka) abt 1896 Poland 3/12/1947 Chicago, IL
Paluch, Adam (Marcianna Krolak) 12/1/1868 Poland 1/17/1943 Chicago, IL
Paluch, Aloysius "Al" (Josephine Pycz) 7/26/1911 Chicago IL 7/14/1989 Chicago, IL
Paluch, Antonina "Annie"(Julius Bradtke) 11//1894 Poland 7/15/1958 Chicago, IL
Paluch,Casmira "Carrie" (Stanley Platoszynski) 5/20/1904 Poland 10/27/1993 Chicago, IL
Paluch, Helena (Stanley Ciszewski) 4/23/1902 Chicago IL 3/3/1947 Chicago, IL
Paluch, Mary (Franciszek Opalinski) 9/9/1891 Poland 3/17/1961 Chicago, IL
Paluch, Mieczyslaw 5/6/1906 Chicago IL 5/13/1906 Chicago, IL
Paluch, Stanley (Sophie Nowak) 11/10/1896 Poland 6/15/1962 Chicago, IL
Paluch, Stella (Antoni Gadowski) 12/25/1898 Chicago IL 6/3/1990 Chicago, IL
Pisarczyk, Karolina (John Krause) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Platoszynski, Stanley (Casmira "Carrie" Paluch) 10/17/1902 Poland 5/24/1960 Chicago, IL
Pycz, Josephine (Aloysius Paluch) 5/14/1914 Chicago IL 1/16/1992 Chicago, IL
Socha, Anthony abt 1915 Chicago IL Unknown Unknown
Socha, Edward abt 1916 Chicago IL Unknown Unknown
Socha, Franciszka (Josef Krolak) 3//1877 Poland 7/18/1944 Chicago, IL
Socha, Wojceich (Rozalia Jamroziak) 11//1889 Chicago IL 3/3/1949 Chicago, IL
Strzykalski, Jean (Anthony Krolak) 7/21/1913 Chicago IL 1/20/1985 Chicago, IL
Suchocki, Chester 3/7/1919 Chicago IL 4/28/1990 Chicago, IL
Suchocki, John (Pelagia Jamroziak) 10/7/1894 Chicago IL 2/26/1964 Chicago, IL