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Tafil History

Adam Tafil and his wife, Zofia  Szarkowskich, were born and married in the town of Rajgrod Poland.  The number of children they had is undetermined, but we know at least three settled in the United States.  Jacob Tafil was the first to emigrate.  He came to Perth Amoy, New Jersey in 1893.  He made at least one trip back to Poland to visit his family, and in 1899 sent for his family to join him.  In 1899, Jacob’s wife, Rosalia, came over with two of their children, Sigismund and  Boleslaw.  They were accompanied by  Jan Grzymala, the husband of Jacob’s niece, Alexandra Tafil  Grzymala

  Around 1900, Jacob’s sister, Mary Tafil, arrived with her daughter Alexandra Grzymala..  At first they lived in Perth Amboy, but then moved on to Pennsylvania to live with relatives.  Jan, Alexandra’s husband, worked in the coal mines.  By 1910 the family, including Mary had settled in Chicago and remained there.

  In 1901, Casimir Tafil arrived in  Perth Amboy.  He also lived  near Jacob, until his wife, Magdalena, arrived in 1903. The 1910 census shows the family living on Farrell Street in Chicago, just around the corner from Casimir's sister Mary and her daughter, Alexandra's family.  They eventually  settled in Allegan Michigan, where they purchased a farm.  Members of Casimir’s family would, from time to time, travel from Allegan to Chicago, where Mary and her daughter’s family lived.  Casimir and Magdalena spent the later years of their lives in Chicago.

  Two of Jacob’s sons, Sigismund and Boleslaw (now know as Paul), would settle in the Seattle area.  Sigismund later moved on to California. 

  Casimir’s children settled in Chicago and Allegan Michigan, where many family members remain today.

  We have heard that there were other children of Adam and Zofia.  Our goal is to bring our families together.




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