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Jacob's Page

SS Strassburg

Ship that brought Jacob Tafil to Ellis Island 1893



     Jacob Tafil and Rozalia Budzinski were married on October 25, 1886 in Rajgrod Poland.  At that time Rajgrod was considered part of Russia.  Their oldest surviving child, Sigmund was born on February 6, 1889 in Rajgrod.  Boleslaw was also born in April 1894, also in Rajgrod.  After their arrival in the United States, they had 3 more surviving children, all born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey; Stella, born in 1901, Stanley, born on November 16, 1903, and Martha, born on June 18, 1905.


   Jacob Tafil arrived in the United States, according to the 1900 census in 1889. He made a few trips to Poland in the years before his wife arrived in the United States.  

    The first trip to be found through Ellis Island, was in 1893.  He arrived at Ellis Island on March 31, of that year, sailing on the SS Strassberg out of Breman Germany.

    Some time in 1895 he made a trip back to Poland to visit his family.  He arrived back in The United States on May 22, 1895 on the SS Stuttgart out of Breman Germany.

    On April 13, 1899, Jacob's wife, Rosalia arrived with their two sons, Sigmund and Boleslaw (later Paul) on the SS Konigin Luise.  They were accompanied by Jan Grzymala, the husband of Jacob's niece, Alexandra.  They settled at 32 Hall Ave in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. 


    Information from the 1900 states that Jacob and Rosalia, both 37 years old, resided with their sons; Sigmund, age 11 and Boleslaw, age 6, at 32 Hall Ave.  Jacob and Rosalia had been married 15 years at the time. Rosalia had given birth to 5 children with only 2 surviving. Neither adult could read or write English.  Jacob had lived in the US for 11 years, Rosalia and their sons 1 year.  Jacob's occupation was given as a worker on a coal dock.

    By the next census in 1910, Jacob and Rosalia, now 47 years old, lived at 265 Hall Ave, Perth Amboy, New Jersey. They had 5 children living and 3 deceased. They had been married 25 years.  Jacob was now gone from the family home.  Living in the family home were: Boleslaw, age16, Stanislawa, age 9, Stanley, age 6, and Martha, age4. 

    The 1920 census shows the family living at 600 Cortland Ave, which they owned, in Perth Amboy.   Jacob and Rosalia (now called Rose) were 56 years old.  Jacob was naturalized as a US citizen in 1900.  He worked as a laborer, Rose was a homemaker.  The children living at home were: Stella, age 19, Stanley, age 17 and Martha, age15.

    In 1930, Jacob and Rose lived at 600 Cortland St.  They were both 67 years old.  Jacob was retired.  Stanley, age 25, worked as a machinist in a copper refinery.  Martha, age 22, worked as a cigar maker in a cigarette factory.  Both Martha and Stanley resided with their parents.

    Sigmund Tafil died on July 7, 1946 in California.  Paul (Boleslaw) died sometime between 1920 and 1930 in Seattle Washington.  Stanley passed away in January 1968 in Perth Amboy and Martha in April 1978 also in Perth Amboy.  The exact date of birth and death is not known for Stella.


The Tafil Family on the 1900 census.  

Family is listed on the bottom 6 lines

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