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The Paluch Page

    The Paluch's  like the Krolaks also originated from Kruszwica area in German Poland.  

    Marcyanna told her family that she was born on February 1, 1866 in Kruszwica, however the 1910 census states that she was born in 1870.  Adam said that he was born on February 1, 1868 in Strelzno Poland, however the 1910 census states that he was born in 1871.  Both towns are located close to each other northeast of Poznan.

    At the time of the 1900 census the family rented at 994 West 32nd Place in Chicago.  Marcyanna's brother Josef and his family lived at 993 West 32nd Place.  the family members and their birthdates were: Adam born December 1869, Marcyanna born June 1870, Mary born January 1892, Antonia born November 1894, Stanislaw November 1896, and Stanislawa born June 1898 .

    At the time of the 1900 census Adam and Marcyanna had been married 12 years with 5 children, 4 having survived.  They had emigrated in 1894 and had filed papers for naturalization. Adam was listed as a laborer.

    At the time of the 1910 census the family had moved to 3346  North Street (now Wall Street) in Chicago.  They owned their own home free from any mortgage.  They had been married 19 years with six of eight children surviving.  The two oldest, Mary and Antonia, were born in Poland.  The rest of the children were born in Chicago.  In 1910 Mary had been married two years but was listed as living with her parents.  The children listed at home were: Mary (18), Antonia (15) who worked in a candy factory as a wrapper, Stanislaus (13), Stanislawa (11), Helena (8), and Casmira (5).

    By the time of the 1920 census the family resided in a larger home with apartments that the married children lived in from time to time.  At the time of the census, the home at 1222 West 31st Place had various family members living there.  Upstairs front : Antonia and Julius Bradtke, Upstairs back: Casmira (Catherine) and Stanley Platoszynski, Main floor front: Mary and Frank Opalinski, Main floor back: Adam and Marcyanna, Lower front was a shop where Adam did repair work.  This building remained in the family for many years.

    At the time of the1930 census the family remained at the home on 31st Place.  The Opalinskis, Platoszynskis (now called Plato), Bradtkes and Adam and Marcyanna remaining as tenants of the building.

    Marcyanna passed away on September 16, 1940, Adam on January 17, 1943.  Both are buried at Resurrection Cemetery in Justice Illinois.


Descendants of Adam Paluch



Generation No. 1


1. Adam1 Paluch was born December 01, 1868 in Strzelno Poland, and died January 17, 1943 in Chicago IL. He married Marcianna Krolak, daughter of Wojceich Krolak and Rosalia Glowacka. She was born February 01, 1866 in Kruszwica Poland, and died September 16, 1940 in Chicago IL.


Children of Adam Paluch and Marcianna Krolak are:

2 i. Mary Paluch, born September 09, 1891 in Kruszwica Poland; died March 17, 1961 in Chicago IL. She married Franciszek Opalinski October 07, 1907 in St. Mary of Perpetual Help Church, Chicago, IL; born September 07, 1888 in Niebozem Ploand; died May 16, 1940 in Chicago IL.

3 ii. Antonina "Annie" Paluch, born November 1894; died July 15, 1958 in Chicago. She married Julius Bradtke 1911 in Chicago, IL; born 1892; died April 22, 1950 in Chicago.

4 iii. Stanislaus Adelbert Paluch, born November 10, 1896; died June 15, 1962. He married Sophie Nowak Abt. 1920 in Chicago, IL; born November 01, 1899; died October 09, 1971.

5 iv. Stanislawa Rozalia Paluch, born December 25, 1898 in Illinois; died June 03, 1990 in Illinois. She married Antoni Walter Gadowski September 27, 1920 in Chicago, IL; born January 01, 1894 in Poland; died October 05, 1959 in Illinois.

6 v. Helena Paluch, born April 23, 1902; died March 03, 1947. She married Stanley J Ciszewski Abt. 1922 in Chicago, IL; born November 15, 1903; died January 30, 1970.

7 vi. Casmira Magdelena Paluch, born May 20, 1904 in Poland; died October 27, 1993. She married Stanley Platoszynski Abt. 1930 in Chicago, IL; born October 17, 1902 in Poland; died May 24, 1962 in Chicago.

8 vii. Mieczyslaw Paluch, born May 06, 1906 in Chicago; died May 13, 1906 in Chicago.

9 viii. Aloysius Norbert Paluch, born July 26, 1911 in Chicago; died July 14, 1989 in Chicago. He married Josephine Theresa Pycz November 04, 1933 in Chicago, IL; born May 14, 1914 in Chicago; died January 16, 1992 in Chicago.





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