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Casimir's Page

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    Casimir (sometimes spelled Kazimir) Tafil was born on March 4, 1874 in Rajgrod Russia, the son of Adam Tafil and Zofia Czarkowski.

    He married his wife Magdelena on July 14, 1896 in Rajgrod Poland, which was then in the Russian partition.  

    On September 24, 1901 he arrived on Ellis Island on the SS Maasdam from Rotterdam in the Netherlands.  Magdelena remained in Poland.  He was 28 years old at the time.  The ships manifest recorded that he was sponsored by his brother, J. Tafil at 32 Hall Ave. Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

    Magdelena arrived on March 12, 1903 on the SS Blucher from Hamburg Germany.  She was 24 at that time.  He sponsor was her husband Kasimir, who lived at 40 Hall Avenue in Perth Amboy.  

    By 1910, the census shows that they had moved on to Chicago.  They resided at 3035 Farrell St.  They had been married 13 years, of their 8 children only four had survived; Martha age 6, Walter age 4, Chester age 3, and Alexander, age 4 months.  Casimir worked as a shoveler in a coal yard.

    At the time of the 1920 census, the family lived at 3239 South Morgan in Chicago.  Casimir, age 45, worked as a laborer in a steel shop.  Magdalena, 39, as a cleaner in a bank and Martha, 15, was an operator in a garter factory.  The younger children Walter age 13, Chester age 12, Alexander age 9, John age 8 and Sophie age 6, were all in school.

    The family resided at 3237 Fisk Street (now Carpenter Street) at the time of the 1930 census.   Magdalena was a homemaker, Martha was no longer with the family, Walter and Chester worked as inspectors for a radio manufacturer, Alexander was a baker, John a driver for a lumber yard and Sophie was a wrapper for a paper towel factory.  

    Sometime between 1920 and the time that he passed away, Casimer purchased a farm in Allegan Michigan.  Many family members reside in Michigan today.

    Magdalena died on December 14, 1946, Casimer on May 10, 1956.


Descendants of Casimer Tafil



Generation No. 1


1. Casimer Tafil  was born March 04, 1874 in Rajgrod, Russia, and died May 10, 1956 in Chicago IL. He married Magdelena Monka July 14, 1896 in Rajgrod, Russia. She was born June 15, 1880 in Rajgrod, Russia, and died December 14, 1946 in Chicago IL..


Children of Casimer Tafil and Magdelena Monka are:

2 i. Martha Tafil, born January 09, 1904 in Chicago IL; died August 1984 in Grand Rapids Michigan. She married Frank Cernick; born October 03, 1894 in Chicago; died February 1968 in Chicago.

3 ii. Kazmierza Tafil, born Abt. 1905 in Chicago; died August 23, 1906 in Chicago.

4 iii. Walter Tafil, born May 24, 1906 in Allegan, MI.; died December 02, 1945 in Allegan MI. He married Ethel Merrill; born December 04, 1914 in Chicago; died January 30, 2003 in Allegan MI.

5 iv. Chester Tafil, born December 23, 1907 in Chicago IL.; died March 1965 in Chicago Il..

6 v. Alexander Tafil, born February 07, 1910 in Chicago IL; died July 13, 1969 in Chicago. He married Sophie Pisarczyk  in Chicago, IL; born October 08, 1912 in Chicago IL; died December 1982 in Chicago IL.

7 vi. John Tafil, born June 06, 1911 in Chicago IL; died January 21, 1995 in Allegan, MI.. He married Rose Sebesta; born November 17, 1919 in Coloma MI; died 2001 in Allegan MI.

8 vii. Sophia Tafil, born January 27, 1913 in Chicago IL; died October 1980 in Downers Grove, IL. She married Michael Sobecki; born September 13, 1907 in Illinois; died December 30, 1969 in Chicago.


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