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I finally got this page open. Well, my fanfic submittion rules are posted below along with
some directions. Keep checking back here for updates on fanfics every month. Also I would
like to thank everyone who submitted in a fanfic. Now enjoy!

Submit A Fanfic  |  Fanfic Submittion Rules  |  The Fics

NOTE: Some fics I didn't read so I couldn't give a summary, sorry.

     Fanfic Submittion Rules:

  1. Please give a summary upon submittion.
  2. Please do not send me any yaoi/yuri fanfics.
  3. Please do not send me any fics in attachment form because I can't open them.
  4. Lemon/Limes, I'll accept. No hardcore lemons though.
  5. Plz check over your work before you submit it in to me because
    I could have it up and posted a lot sooner without the extras.

I added a midis to a few people's fics so I hope you like them. But if you authors of the fics don't,
then e-mail me and I'll take them out.  Ok now go ahead and read them.


First Kiss


A passionate kiss,
Midi file

Tears of The Bloodstone


Swearing, mild blood,
mild angst
Tears of The Bloodstone
Part Two


Blood, gore, mild swearing

An Epic Romance

Marei Sui

Little lime, swearing

Tell Him

Marei Sui

A Soldier's Worst Nightmare
Part One

Haley Dale

Just read it!

A Soldier's Worst Nightmare
Part Two

Haley Dale

Occasional swearing

A Soldier's Worst Nightmare
Part Three

Haley Dale

Occasional swearing

We'll Never Forget That Day
Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four


Pics, Sap, Gore

Gundam Wing Humor

Haley Dale


Kareoke Night

Haley Dale

Midi file

Old Soldier


Mild language, blood,
and angst


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