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Gundam Wing World: Humor

Hey, it's me again with a humor page. I'm finally letting loose, lol. Anyway here are some great little
humors for ya. I hope you like them. Also these humors aren't about Gundam Wing, there just some that I
got from somewhere, lol. So if you have some great Gundam Wing humor, please submit it in to me.

And PLEASE stop telling me that these humors aren't from GundamW, I know that. And
I know that this is a GundamW webpage. If you want some GundamW humors, submit me in some.

      Duo says: "Kimberly wants you to submit in your humor on Gundam Wing."
      Heero says: "I'll self-destruct if you don't."

Only In America......Lets Stand United!

Joke of the Month

A man walked into a bar and said to the barman: "I'd like a cold beer." The barman replied,
"Sure, but it comes with complimentary peanuts." "Whatever!" Replied the man. The barman gave
him his beer and peanuts and the man began to drink. But he kept hearing this voice saying: "I like you,
your nice!" The man looked around but could only see a couple of blokes in the corner. SO he began eating
the peanuts when he heard the voice again. So he asked the men if they heard anything. They shook their
heads then the man heard the voice again so he asked the barman. The barman replied:

"Oh, don't worry. It's the peanuts. They're complimentary!!!"

Hey, I'm thinking about taking down this page, but before I do I want to know what you think of it so
pleaseee vote below. Now this doesn't mean I'm gonna take down this page. Thanks!

I really will self-destruct if you don't...



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