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Gundam Wing World: Fanart

This is the fanart's page. It will contain art from yours truely.. me, and art from other artist out
there. This is the best I could round up for now, maybe later I'll get more in. My scanner is
currently dead :P so I can't scan on any current pictures I've drawn. Anyway I still hope you
enjoy this page and I want you guys to personally e-mail these people who've submitted me in
art and thank them because they are very talented.

Submit A FanArt  |  FanArt Submittion Rules  |  The Art

And if you want you could send me some comments on my drawings, you know.. like if you like them or something lol.

      FanArt Submittion Rules:

  1. Please do not send me any yaoi/yuri fanArt.
  2. All fanart must be from some kind of anime.
  3. I'll accept art from video games as well.
  4. When you submit me in your work plz tell me the animation's
    name that the anime is from becuz there is a lot of anime I haven't seen.

Art By: - (Webmistress) Kimberly





Vegeta & young Gohan

Art By: - Pixie Wings

Heero or Duo ^.~

Wing Zero

Star from the old anime Teknoman

Art By: - Cat

Rinoa from FF8

Wufei in color


Zell from FF8

Bad Cactuar from FF8

Squalldaze daydreaming from FF8

them walking home from FF8

Quisti Trepe from FF8

Irvine and Stephe from FF8

Nicholas Wolfwood from the Trigun series

Art By: - Jade Maxwell

Duo and his scythe

Duo in color

cyber Duo


Art By: - Melinda Mellenthin

Gohan and Pan

Son Goku

Duo in shades

Duo on a cross

Duo's sister, Alexia



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