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GundamW World: Fanfics - We'll Never Forget That Day

We'll Never Forget That Day

By: Kiwimoon12

Disclaimer: Me no own GW or the G-boys sept Quatra...*wacked on the head* okay okay I don't own Quatre either! *sulk*
Chapter Four:


Quatre felt a boiling rage as he starred at Onike. Quatre reached for his gun but Onike shot a bullet just inches above his head. "No...sit Quatre ,hehe, or should I call you your majesty?! Oh how I've longed to kill you and your family!" Onike rambled. Quatre gritted his teeth, "You need a hobby. We're going to wait for your friends...but if I get to weird my trigger hand might slip...", Onike said with a cocky smile.


Heero walked through the maze he was getting angry because there where doors but when he opened the door he'd either get shot at, or killer robots would attack him. The killer robots where the cheesiest thing he'd heard of but, he wasn't conplaining if a guy was this stupid to send out easy opponents by all means he should continue.

'But I didn't know what his true plan was and if I had my friend would still be alive today.'

Heero noticed an open door and saw a horrible sight. A figure was tied to the chair. A light shined on the figure and he saw it was Duo. "Duo? Whats wrong are you alright?" Heero asked knowing Duo could easily get out of those ropes unless he was badly hurt. Heero slowly walked up to him and sucked in a breath when he saw Duo. His eyes dripped with blood and his hair was undone no longer in a braid. His closth was filled with holes where bullets struck him yet....he took in shallow breaths. "Hey, Duo keep breathing I'll get you outta here." He told Duo but as soon as he touched him Duos hand rose and yellowish gas sprayed Heero's face. "KOFF KOFF....Knock out...KOFF KOFF......gas" Heero gagged dropping to the foor. Duo then changed into a robot. It had been a holagram. The robot gathered up Heero in his meatle arms and started to take him off to his master Onike.


Wufei and Trowa ran away from this giant floating ball that shot at them. The boys had met and Wufei was being chased by this giant ball that shot laseres. As they ran Trowa kept shouting "I'M GONNA KILL YOU!! WHY COULDN'T YOU HAVE FOUND SOMEONE ELSE!!!" Wufei smirked, "Heh, this is the most you ever said to anyone!" Trowa cursed under his breath. "Man bullets don't work what will??" Trowa cried out in despair. "Hey calm down stop being weak!! Your acting like a scarred women!!" Wufei shot out at Trowa as a blast blew up behind them. Trowa glared at him, "Listen you sexist, at l-" Trowa abrubtly stopped speaking. "Trrowa what? Trowa?" Wufei turned around and saw Trowa standing about 6 feet behind him. He starred at Trowa in horror-actully he was starring at his chest....that had 2 golfball size holes in them. One wound was next to his shoulder and didn't seem to bleed all that much-like something was preventing it from bleeding. The other wound was closer to his neck. Maybe thats why the blood flowed richly out of his mouth. 'Maybe the horror of seeing him fall slowed down time. Maybe thats why Wufei didn't react as the giant ball carried him and Trowa away. I still don't no why Wufei never reacted. I'd neverver asked him but this is what I think it was. An unstoppable emotion. //Greif//


Duo walked down the hall he was bored out of his mind nothing had happened. He'd walked, walked, walked some more oh and after walking some more he walked a little bit more. SHEESH HE WISHED THAT THE HALL WOULD BLOW UP JUST SO SOMETHING WOULD HAPPEN!!!!! And then he got his wish....

On the other side of the hall something blew up and a shrill scream echoed through the halls. Duo stood there frozen as a robot arm rolled out of an doorway. The hall haden't taken to much damage but he suspected the room where the arm did...and whoever was in there. Duo had no idea why but he felt his heart pound in his chest and felt the need to go over into the room.

When he reached the room he nearly fell over at what he saw...Hilde. His hilde. She lay on the floor a small river of blood flowing out from under her. Her cloths where so ripped up she looked like Tarzan's wife //whats her name//. Duo strode over to the bloody and mangled girl and turned her over on her back.

''Oh God Hilde!!!" Duo wimpered. She had two holes in her stomach and a bade stuck in her arm. Duo carefully pulled it out and ripped his shirt pressing the cloth to her arm. After doing the best he could with her wounds he looked down at her closed eyes. Her skin was a chalky color and her black hair framed her face so perfectly. He rubbed the smudges of smoke off her face and finally did the thing he didn't want to know. He checked her pulse.

"Faint but still a pulse!!" He thought to himself. Never had he'd been so glad in his life to know the one he cared for was okay. He looked down at her. The angel...and he was death. Shinigami. He ran his fingers down her cheek and realised her face was covered in water droplets. 'Place musta sprung a leek.' Duo thought to himself, but then he touched his cheek and felt something wet. 'I'm...crying!? Me? Duo?!' He sighed and knew that he just had to tell her something even if she would never know. "Hilde, I know I treat you more like a sister then anything else but....but I-I Love you. You can slap me later for this..." He joked. Duo leaned down and kissed her lips.

He was in heaven. She had warm lips and and she gave the faint smell of peach blossems. As he a wave of emotion wrapped over him he felt a hand touch his cheek. He opened his eyes and saw that Hilde had weekly opened her eyes and was crying. "I'm sorry...I" Duo began to apologize. Hilde placed a finger on his lips, "Duo I've always loved you, I was never brave or strong enough to admit it and now its too late." Hilde began a fit of coughs and her body shook with each one. Duo held her tightly. "NO!!! I WILL NOT SIT HERE AND WATCH YOU DIE!!!"

A robot can in and aimed its guns at Hilde. "Come with me or the girl shall be deleted. Alright I shall come...just promise not to hurt the girl." Duo stated. Another robot came and carried her away and the robot forced him to follow. 'I wonder how Quatres doing...'

Well thats it for now. Peace out - Kiwi

Owari of Chapter Four

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