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Gundam Wing World: Fanfics - An Epic Romance
An Epic Romance
By: Marei Sui


"Heero, must you run away?" I heard Relena say. *Damn, that girl, she always
finds me, wherever I go!*

"Hai..." Was all I could say, showing that I liked her was a little too much.

"But why?" she asked.

"I don't know, Relena....Please!" I tried to keep cool, but she knew how I felt.

"I see..." was all that she could say.

"Relena, look...." I tried saying....Sorry!!?? ME??! Saying SORRY? Woah!

"Need no more words from you shall never love me..." she replied
coldly, which got to me a little or a lot...I wasn't sure...I hesitated to see if she'll come up to me and hug
me or kiss me or smack me, but...nothing...silence...and soon footsteps....and crying....

"Damn, Heero, must you break a young girl's heart?" Duo exclaimed.

"No...well, yes...." was I could reply.

"Hell, Heero, you are one tough guy to run away from a girl, who is deeply in love
with..." I interupted him by yelling

"Oh shut up Duo! Don't you understand!? If I choose to love...well, like....her I
could put her life in great danger!!" That was why I choose to not love her, she doesn't deserve to die, not
now, even though, many times I wished she would die!

"I see...Heero, so you do care for her, but just not sure how to show it...hmm?"
was his reply.

"Well, yea...I guess...I mean..."

"Got to her, Heero, put her in your arms and show her that you
her!" He smiled that usual smile.

"Okay..." OKAY?! Wow! I must really have the hots for her!


As I ran, I felt the presence of OZ, somehow, close, or nearby.

"'s a Gundam pilot!"

~"Kill him!"~

"Yes sir!!"

"Oh SHIT!" I cried as the car sped faster towards me.

"I'll take it from here..." Trowa called from somewhere...

"Thanks...I owe you!" was my reply as I took the corner seeing out my the corner
of my eye, Trowa showed up. I slowed as I got closer to her house.

"Sir!? Where do you think you're going?!" An OZ soldier cried out.

"Inside..." as I thrust my gun at him.

"! Get past me?! Haha!" was the OZ's reaction.


"Prove it." With that I shot him right in the arm as he fell in shock at what I did.

I smiled and coldly replied

"Happy?" As I walked through the gates facing the huge mansion, in which lived

Relena my true love...True love?! What is up with me!? I casually started walking as an old man walked up
to me...I reached for my gun, but he stopped me

"Woah, easy there boy."

"Hmm? Who are you?"

"I am...Relena's butler, I knew you were here for I heard the gun shot and

Relena...well, she called out your name."

"Hmph...can you take me to her?" was my reply, yet thankful for he didn't say my
name, for who knows who might have been listening...

"Relena..." he whispered through the door "It's me..." I sort of thought it was
weird how he didn't mention his name, but oh well...

"Coming..." I heard her reply...

"Goodluck, my son..." as he took off without saying a goodbye...

"Umm.." I held my tongue and waited patiently until Relena opened her door.

Finally, she carefully opened the door and peeked out.

"Heero?!" She stopped herself and grabbed my arm dragging me in as she
carefully closed the door behind.

"Heero?" she whispered eyes filling with tears. "You came back for me?"

"Hai..." I replied not sure what to say.

"Oh Heero, I knew you would...for you care about I ..." she paused gently
lowering her nightgown showing her body to me...I froze as my heart skipped a few beats...she finished
what she was saying

"Care for you..." With that she walked over to me...I drew warm, feeling her desire
for me as she gently unbuttoned my white collared shirt...

"Yes Relena...I came back for..." as I grabbed her and pushed her towards me...

"Heero...I..." I silenced her with my index finger on her lips

"Shh.." I whispered as I kissed her passionately on the lips...we stopped as she
gasped for air.

"Heero, I love you!" She cried out as I kissed her on the neck. She giggled as she
held me in her arms...I wish I could have stayed like that forever...however...I had to go...

"Relena...I must go..."

"Must you? Now?" she asked.

"Hai...I must before the sun rises..." I got up as I pulled on my clothes...

"Umm...Heero.." She came up behind me, still naked.


"Will you ever want kids?!" she asked carrassing my shoulder...

"I'm not sure, Relena...why?"

"Because I am offering to give you my body..." she replied. I turned around and
looked into her eyes.

"You would?"

"Yes....I would....Heero....I love you!" she replied. I walked over to her and kissed
her gently on the lips, wishing it would have never ended....somehow, Relena, made my hear
change...which I will always thank her for...