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Gundam Wing World: Fanfics - First Kiss

First Kiss
By: Athena-chan

(Disclaimer: I do not own GW or any of the characters (I wish I owned Heero though :-) )

This is my first fan-fic, it's a sweet Relena Heero fic with no yaoi or citrus of any kind, this fic is PG so read on. As I said this is my first fan fic so please review and tell me what you think. I'm actually much more of a fan artist than I am a fan writer.



This takes place at the very end of Gundam wing during that gap in the last episode between the end of the war and when Relena finds the teddy bear.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As she looked out the window of the shuttle at the deepness of space a
small peace of a destroyed mobile suit drifted by. Relena leaned back and sighed,
it was over. It was finally over Romafeller and the White Fang were gone, and at
long last both the colonies and the earth wanted peace bad enough that they might
just make this last. Had it really only been a year ago that this had all started?
She remembered that day, that day that her life changed completely and she could
never go back to that peaceful school girl type of existence, not that she would
ever want to. She would never forget that day it was so etched in to her memory
that no matter how long she lived she could never forget it.

She had been riding in a shuttle not to different from this one with her
adoptive father, the late Minister Darlian, when she first saw a gundam.
When she first saw him, "Heero," she whispered softly. She could still feel
the cold breeze that had been blowing off the ocean that day when she saw his
body lying there upon the sand. She had removed his helmet to see if he was
all right and saw for the first time his face, that hair, those lips. As she
had waited for the ambulance she had studied his face so intently, he was a
soldier that much was clear from his uniform, but he was still so young, he
couldn't be much older than she was…it must have been fate. She thought as
the quickly approaching colony came into view it's pale white contrasting
with the deep dark space all around it highlighted with a few small stars.
It had to have been fate, fate that had brought them together and seemed to
that it was, through every thing, pulling them together the entire time. They
had never been more than friends, if you could even call them that, but she
knew deep in her heart that they had a connection. Weather he felt it or not
she did not know, but she couldn't help feeling as if they were meant to be
together, but now it seemed as if fate was pulling them a part. If the world
was to ever recover from that last war they both had a part to play. Hers is
on earth serving as the new Vice Minister, and his is in space helping to
rebuild the colonies so that they could both build a new and stable future.

As the shuttle pulled into the colony she knew that she only had an hour
until her shuttle left for the earth, she also knew that Heero's suit carrier had
arrived a few moments before hers, and that this was goodbye. She didn't
want to think about it, she just wanted to enjoy this last hour together. That
is if she could even find him, she didn't even want to consider that she might
never see him again. She couldn't bring herself to ever face that possibility.

As Relena hesitantly approached the open door of the shuttle and started
to descend the steps leading to the ground when she spotted him in the corner
by the suit carriers talking with Duo, Heero looked up to see the passengers
exiting the shuttle and their eyes meet. Could it be was he waiting for her? No,
she thought, he would never care that much, more or less care at all. Still though
she was overjoyed to see him. Maybe we'll at least have a chance to talk, she
mused. But his eyes never left hers, when she realized that he was still looking
at her, his deep blue eyes entrancing her own. Her heart skipped a beet as she
looked into his eyes so full of determination, pain, love and deep-rooted sorrow.
Love…? She thought. No…, she dismissed the notion. It just couldn't be,
I'm probably just imaging things.

As her feet touched the ground Duo called out to her, "Hey, Relena,
over here!" Waving his arm in the air. She walked over to where the two
gundam pilots stood. Heero's eyes never left hers the entire time and she
stared just as intently in to his. Duo broke the silence, "I'm just glad that this
whole thing is over and I no longer have to be the god of death any more,
not that I'd mind being treated like a god, *sigh* like that's ever going to

"At least people should hold on to peace more dearly after the high price
that has been paid for it, that should be our hope." replied Relena. As she said
that a voice calling out from another part of the air strip was heard, " Hey, Duo,
there's something here I need you to look at!" Hirde yelled.

"I'm coming!" Duo yelled back, "Well I guess I better go, see you guys
latter. Bye!" and with a tip of his hat Duo rushed of to Hirde, leaving Heero and
Relena alone.

"I'm glad to see you again," Relena started out hesitantly and so they started
talking about the real meaning of wars and why what they just went through,
the war to end all wars, was really necessary. As they talk Heero begin walking
toward a spot about a mille from the air strip where because of the hill that
gently sloped upwards towards the sky and has a steep drop of on the other side
made for a perfect view of the colony's rounding side sharply contrasting the
deep starry sky. As the two talked and walked the minuets passed quickly
and it was almost time for Relena to leave. They had been discussing her brother's
actions in the war "I still can't understand why he thought that devastating the earth
was necessary for the peace of the colonies."

"Zechs wanted to punish the earth for all the harm done to the colonies.
In the end though he saw the error of his thinking, that's why he was willing to
sacrifice himself." Heero explained. They finally reached the top of the hill, Relena
gasped at the shear beauty of the breathtaking view. She wondered why he had
lead her there.

"Your shuttle leaves in 15 minuets, you're going to have to hurry to make
it back on time. The meeting of those who wish to rebuild this colony is on
the other side of this hill and if this effort is going to work I need to be
there." He explained as he looked deeply in to her eyes, "Goodbye Relena."
and with that he pulled her close to him and kissed her passionately on the
lips. Relena was at first shocked but eased into the kiss as pleasure ran
through her body and she was completely lost in the moment. This, this was
what she had been secretly dreaming of for the last year. Heero pulled away
and walked down the side of the hill disappearing from sight. Relena took
one last look at the view to ingrain into here memory forever then slowly
turned and headed back to the air strip knowing that they would see each other
again soon.

Romance is in the air....

~* Owari *~


As I said before this is my very first fan fic and I would appreciate feedback. Thank you!