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Gundam Wing World: Fanfics - We'll Never Forget That Day

We'll Never Forget That Day
By: Kiwimoon12

Chapter One:


The title is: "We'll Never Forget That Day"... (p.s Heero is telling the story in some places)

"We'll never forget that day when we were given a mission that we never heard of. Duo, Quatre, Wufei, Trowa and me (Heero) were at Relena's place talking..'' ''Now that oz is defeated what will we do next ?'' duo asked.

Oz was gone and it had been a week since then. ''We still have our gundams...'' added Quatre. His stomach was wrapped up from the last encounter of dorthey.

(I HATE HER -_-()) ''Theres still people out their that pro. need are help and are fighting for peace out their. ''Releana answered. Hilde and Noine walked in arguring over something. ''...still I think we should..''Noin argued with Hilde untill Heero enterrupted, ''*ahem* Is their anything we can help with? ''Noin sighed '' see theirs someone in outer space...He's a crazy nut who hates the colonies and he's planning on destroying them!

His name is Orndyke. Hes headed for the nearest colony...Quatre's home. (*Qautra let out a gasp*)

And I thought maybe you could help us..'' ''BUT ITS DANGEROUSE!!!!!!!!!!'' Hilde blurted out.''He wants to fight you guys without your gundams, look at the message he sent us!!!'' Heero took a message from Noin and read allowed: Dear gundam pilots: I command you to my ship Vapor. ''corney name'' Duo mumbled, and after a clear shut up Heero read on, (your always picking on me! :Duo -_-())

DON'T bring your gundams, for my space ship is a maze. I want you to split up conpletely from each other. If u don't I will send some of my men to take out the one recently wounded...Now WHO was it...? OH yes Quatre Rabarba Winner.

I almost hope you don't come for I'd like to pay him back for turning my sis normal, you know her as Dorothy *gasps* sighed Orndyke .

''WOW some one really hates you.'' Duo said looking at Quatre.'' What do we do now ''Quatre whispered. Their was a long pause of silence. Quatre stood up ''I accept this mssion with or without help. ''Agreed.'' Wufei said standing non heistently.

''Me too.'' Trowa mumbled rising to his feet. ''I'm in." Heero said in usale tone. Duo stood and smirked ''Ya wouldn't leave with out the great destroyer would ya?! ''Its settled then we leave tomorrow...Quatre softly said, a knew look in his eyes.....hatred.

The Look Of Hatred........!

Owari of Chapter One

Chapter Two