The Anime Midis Page

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I love this part of my site because when I go to net search and look up common anime sites, most
don't have music, and that's like a really important part of a site, is music, everyone likes music (I hope
lol), so I put a music page up. No downloading, realplayer, or real downloader required. Enjoy!

Also this page includes: Tenchi Muyo midis, Gundam Wing midis, and more soon to come. The
rate box is below:

Sweet Melody

Gundam Wing Midis
the ones I know at least

Song?? Series?? K??
Gundam X
Just communication Gundam Wing 85K
Remotion Gundam Wing 45K
Whiter Endless Waltz 96K
Dreams Gundam X 122K
Whiter Reflection N/A 115K
Eternal Wind N/A 46K
Wings Of A Boy Gundam Wing 37K
Rhythm Emotion
N/A 64K
Last Impression N/A 169K

Here are my Tenchi Muyo midis. It's not a lot now but just wait. Also please sign my Guestbook.

Tenchi Muyo Midis
this is also one of my favorite animes

Song: Series On: K??
Tenchi Muyu American Theme
Tenchi Muyo
Sasami's Theme ??? 47K
Tenchi's Theme ??? 15K
Aeka's Theme ??? 31K
Ryo - Ohki's Theme ??? 4K
Washu's Theme ??? 61K
Reminice ??? 49K
Ryoko's Theme ??? 80K


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