Gundam Wing Story
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The Beginning....

Gundam Wing begins in the era of A.C. (After Colony - after the creation of space colonies
inhabited by humans). War is constant on Earth, while the space colonies live in relative peace.
The wars on earth finally ended in or about 175 A.C. At this point, the Earth government
established the "Earth Sphere Unified Alliance". This organization was to promote peace on Earth
and throughout the space colonies. Unknown to the general public, the Alliance was only a
puppet for the industrialist group, The Romefeller Foundation.

In the name of peace, the Alliance's Army, known as "OZ", seized control of all space colonies
and crushed all oppositions with mech-like fighting machines known as Mobile Suits (MS). After
two decades of oppression, a group of rebels amongst the space colonies decided to show that
they will not tolerate the iron grip of the Earth Alliance any further. With the help of the 5
scientists who first developed the MS, the rebels created five super fighting MS machines, known
as Gundams. However, no ordinary pilots can control these machines due to their advanced
technology. Therefore, 5 children were adopted and trained from a very young age with each
having very distinct personalities.

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